Saturday, 27 June 2009

Woohooo .. NSV !!! :O) xx

Im sooooooo excited. Have been out shopping with my girls today. Lately my size 16 jeans have been feeling baggy around my bum and looser round my tummy. Out of pure curiosity in Select I took a pair of size 14 bootleg jeans into the changing room and THEY FIT !!!!!! YIPPEE !!!! Im a very happy bunny today. Nothing is gonna wipe this smile off my face today !!!!!!!! :O)

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  1. Woooo hoooooo, i was like that sister gave me some jeans a hile back i couldn't even get them past my i stored them away in my "one of these days they will fit Draw" and i tried them on yesterday and they fit...

  2. OMG well done you !! Thats fantastic. It gives you such a boost doesn't it. Keep up the good work hunnie xx

  3. Thanks Tina....and yes im in Cumbria...5 minutes from the Lakes, and only a short distance from the first lake in Ennerdale.

    My next weigh in is Tuesday...ive been great all week, but then again ive been good since starting, i havent slipped yet the scales dont like me....dunno why but its not budging therse past 2 weeks?

  4. Hi Tina, what's your name on WW? I am updating the blog roll so would be grateful if you could email me at to tell me along with your blog title.


  5. thats fantastic hun well done u and how did u get these loevely butterflys ur background how can i do that!!!

    keep up with the fab work hun

  6. Thanks for the comments on my blog, it will be you next!

    Go us!!! lol


  7. I don't know how I stumbled across your journal but I was looking thru weight loss journals getting some much needed inspiration and I just wanted to say Wow you are doing fantastic. YOur before and after photos are so amazing! Your journal really did inspire me. I am starting once again following ww program on my own. I kept your journal as a favorite places and plan on following your journey. It is nice to meet you and see what a difference the weight loss makes. I don't know how much you lost since I only understand lbs. But Congrats on your success!Julie