Wednesday, 1 July 2009

hows your week going ?.....

Hi's your week going. Hope everyone hasn't melted too much in this glorious sunshine.....its wonderful out there.
I have been having a pretty good week so far. My TOTM arrived Sunday evening , and the older I get, the worse they get....gggrrrrr......I'm coming back as a man !!! Do they realise how lucky they are? They don't have to put up with the dreaded monthlys, their bodies don't blow up like a beach ball when they produce babies, they always have skinny legs, and they never have to worry about unsightly facial hair....cos on them its called designer stubble !!!!!! Im definately coming back as a man !!
Well anyway, been on a high since managing to get the size 14's on in Select the other day. Although I didn't buy them because I can't really afford to go clothes shopping at the moment, its still a great feeling knowing that when I do have some spare cash, that I will be heading for the 14's. In the mean time I will just have to wear my ever "increasingly baggy round the bum" 16's !!
Had another sort of NSV on Monday. Went to my local supermarket where I used to work to get a few bits. Everyone in there can't believe how much weight I have lost. Every time I go in they keep saying I look great, which makes me so happy. I used to be the biggest in there by far, and it's so nice to go in there 6 stone lighter than when I worked in there in January 2008. But by far the biggest NSV was when an ex boyfriend walked in. The look on his face. He looked totally gobsmacked when he saw me !! His face was a picture !!! Needless to say, that just made my day !!
Enjoy your day everyone, will be back to report my weigh in on Friday.....yes , sorry Bryher, I promised I wouldnt but I just can't help it SP said 2 off so far......sooooooo nearly in the 12's !! Let you know Friday the real result . Bye for now everyone xx

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  1. hahaha best NSV there is
    keep it up youre doing fantastic :)

  2. hats brill about the ex nsv hope u struted past him looking ever so sexy ;)

    ood lyck for tomo

  3. There's nothing quite like the wicked satisfaction of showing someone what they missed. :D Well done!

  4. Oooohhhh was the best thing !! Just the look on his face said it all !! I did do the strutting Kerry...and your right was such wicked satisfaction !! It has made my week !! Ironically, since then, coincidence or what....his daughter is now trying to add me on facebook !!!!! Is that coincidence or has someone said something ... hahahahaha.. :O) xx Thanks Paul...I'm getting there and feeling so much happier xx