Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fingers crossed ......

Tomorrow is my weigh in day.... and will I or won't I get into the 12's ????? And reach my 5 stone off all in one day ???? Would it be too good to be true........

I will be so excited to get back into those 12's.... havent been there in over 7 years !!! I want it soooooooo bad.....

Ive been soooooo good food wise this week . Almost saintly !! But exercise... what exercise ?? Ok, ok, I will.... maybe next week !

Fingers crossed for tomorrow then ... of course I will let you know how I get on .. in fact you will probably hear me scream from the rooftops either way .. lol x
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  1. Fingers crossed for ya, but it sure makes typing difficult. ;)

  2. Good luck for tomorrow Tins...its funny how i think about you on Friday and i hardly even know you...i know you can do BRING ON THOSE 12's ♥

  3. Awwww thanks guys ... really hope I get in those blooming 12's xxx