Monday, 27 July 2009

Just for fun.... TWINS !!! :O)

Just for fun ...... :O)... seeing double ...!!!

When I went shopping the other day, I bought a lovely long baggy top from New Look (all the fashion now apparently ) which I loved. It had pretty little flowers all over it. Little did I know, my eldest daughter who lives with her dad, who came to visit last night, had the same top !!!!! How strange is that .. lol !! My other two daughters had had a day at the sea-side and came home with matching we couldnt resist a laugh.... and heres the outcome !!!!!!!!

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  1. LOL.....I guess you both have the same taste and now youtr in the 12's you can buy all the fashonable things.

  2. Your right. We do seem to like similar things Kellie. I must admit, it takes a little while getting used to being able to go in ANY shop and know something will fit !! Im still buying size 16 tops although in todays baggy top fashions I could get away with a size 14, and I can get into size 14 skirts and trousers now, which to me is a dream come true . Hopefully by christmas a size 12, or am I pushing my luck !!!... lol x

  3. Im looking forward to being able to buy from any the moment im limited to Evan's and sometimes the clothing in there is too old for me, oh well never mind maybe like be able to shop any where by Xmas.