Sunday, 5 July 2009

BBQ fun with the family...

Had a lovely day yesterday. Decided to have my first BBQ of the year....and ended up cooking for 13 people !!

The sun shone all day and my lovely cousin Jenny, Stuart, James and Connor came and both my brothers Mick and Steve, my mum came and of course myself, Dave, and my girls Sophie, Shannon and Kirsty and her boyfriend Barry.

We had a fab day. I was a little concerned food wise as with this being my first BBQ of the year, I wasn't sure how much control I would have !! Well to be honest I had 3 sausages, a burger, chicken drumstick, some home made potato salad, some beans, and 3 glasses of wine !! So not too much damage there !! I get so full up quickly these days and thankfully did not force myself to keep I used to !! Have not totted up the points yet, but pretty confident I havent gone over. Will do it in a min.

I suppose I had another sort of NSV yesterday cousin Jenny and co are completely crazy in the nicest kind of and guess who they managed to drag onto the trampolene.... Moi !!! Yes ME !! Never would I have done that before, and although I couldnt stand up for long because all the kids thought it great to keep bouncing near us, I had such a giggle on there !! Don't think I have laughed so much in ages..........

Heres a few piccys to show you what fun we had x

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