Friday, 29 January 2010

just practicing !!


Only practicing guys.... Karon just told me how to do a link with just someones name !! Wooohoooo I can do it :O)) . Thanks Karon x x x x

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back on track :O) ............

Hi guys !!

Firstly can I apologise for neglecting my blog. I seriously have not had time to sit down and write anything. Ive had a quick look through all of yours, which I loooooove reading, but thats all Ive had time for . So , considering I cant sleep (which is really weird as I had a really long day yesterday ... out of the house at 8.15 , first job til 12 , then nipped back to let the dog out , then 2nd job..finished there at 7.30 pm and straight on to darts :O/ ....and back home for 11 pm) ..... I then get into bed, bad case of cramp wakes me up at 3.13 am , 2 hours later I still cant sleep so Ive come downstairs to have a nice cup of tea and catch up with you guys. Its now 5.20 am. Luckily Im only working 8.30 til 12.00 today and then going to the hairdressers to be pampered, so a reasonably nice relaxing day ahead... yippeeeee !! Now that Im working full time, Im really beginning to understand the meaning of *roll on Friday* , although I am loving every minute :O) .

On the weight side of things, Im happy to announce a 2lb loss !!!! YAY !!! Really pleased with that. Im now 12st 3lb . Feel more in control again now. Im eating healthier, apart from the dessert from last Saturday which I will fill you in on in a moment. My mind feels in a much better place right now, able to cope with the temptations that are still lurking.... would you believe we still have a few roses chocolates and yummy choccy selction of biscuits in the cupboard from Christmas !!! Since Ive been doing both jobs, the desire to eat the naughties seems to have disappeared which is great ! Long may it continue !!

As to the yummy dessert from last Saturday , you may re-call from my last post that a few of us ww'ers who have met via the ww 5+ board and facebook arranged to meet up at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock, and what a lovely day that was. I drove over to Karons and we left from there about 9.30. Karon drove us down to Thurrock, and we browsed around a few shops before meeting for lunch with the others at 1pm. We met at a restaurant called Old Orleans , which was lovely. The others had arrived first. We met Carole Cerro (Frenchie 73 from the ww boards) and Rebecca Louise Tape Kenne (RKenne from the ww boards). Rebecca bought her sister Kate along and Carole bought a friend along who's name has escaped me....eeeeeekkkk....sorry, I do apologise !! We had a lovely meal, and of course lots of chatter about weight and food and advice, tips, and ideas. To start I had some garlic bread, then for mains I had roast chicken with jacket potato , and the scrummy dessert I was hinting at was called chocolate blonde brownie... of course being a blonde, I had to try it, and oooooooohhhhh .... how nice was that :OP ...... DELICIOUS !! I savoured every mouthful !! After the meal, we said our goodbyes, but we do hope to do it again in the summer if anyone is interested. Karon and I continued our shopping trip until 7pm , then Karon drove home. We were chatting so much, we missed our turning off of the M25, which was quite funny. Its a good job Karon was driving as I would of had no idea how to get home !! It was a long day, but an enjoyable one. Looking forward to next time !!!.

The picture above is of our day with our fellow ww'er friends.

Take care for now guys. Im glad Ive had chance to catch up with you all. Ive also received two lovely blog awards. One from Phil and one from Linz, which Im very proud of. Thank you to both of you. Im sorry I have not got enough to pass them on at the moment. But I certainly will when I get the chance. Thank you again.

Stay safe, warm and happy..... and keep that weight coming off guys !! Catch up with ya again soon x x x

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank heavens its Friday !!!!

WOW !! What a week !! Working full time is certainly different to working my little part-time job, thats for sure !! I think this week a pair of roller skates would have helped considerably... lol... but having said that, I have enjoyed every minute !! :O)
As you may know, I started my new job on Monday morning with the Doctors Surgery. I was nervous, but Im loving it !! Marjie who is training me is nearly 50, but you wouldnt believe it, she acts and looks about 20 and she is so much fun. She is a keep fit finatic who does kick boxing and looks great, so maybe that will help me stay on track !! We have got on great and she has had me in fits of laughter this week!! Its been a brill week. I do 25 hours a week there, and dont get to sit down at all , and I am also continuing to do my job at the Osteopath Surgery for 11 hours a week which I have been doing for 19 months now and really enjoy. So all in all, apart from being shattered, and falling asleep about 10pm and the house looking a shambles, and the dog needing a walk, it has been a hectic, but enjoyable week...yippeee !! Its now Friday afternoon. I finished at the Doctor's surgery at 12, and now have the chance for the first time this week to catch up with what you guys have been doing and fill you in on my bits and bobs !!
Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Phil for my blog award. I am deeply honoured to have received it, and I do intend to pass it along on Sunday when I get the computer for a bit longer!! Kids will be in in a minute and take over, so I have just grabbed a quick opportunity to give you an update ! But thank you Phil, it means a lot.
Secondly weight wise... :O/ ..... erm not good !! The damage was done last weekend. On Saturday I had my first chinese in months and we ate at my mums house. Mum thought she was ordering enough food to feed an army, so I had a huge plateful of all sorts of things !! So that was day 1 of damage. Next day was out on the booze with hubby. Got in at 2am completely hammered which led to the munchies.... :O/ ..... eeeekkk so that was damage number 2. Damage number 3 last weekend occurred on Sunday. We drove the 6 hour round trip to see my sister in Shropshire. Although what I ate was not bad, I did indulge in about 6 sandwiches. Bread with me is a real issue . It blows me out considerably, and I have felt bloated all week , in fact I have felt like a whale all week. I dared to get on the scales on Tuesday and it was telling me I had gained 4 pounds, but with a week of salads, and constantly being on the go, I have managed to claw two pounds back. So this weeks result was a 2 pounds GAIN ....but TOTM arrived yesterday aswell, so that may not have helped at all..... so back to it !! Ive been pretty good since Monday, although Im finding darts night really unhelpful. We played on Wednesday night this week, but its usually on Thursday, and after the darts they always bring out more plates of sandwiches and a basket of chips .... and I do usually like to have a nibble. Im considering changing my weigh in day, but at the moment, I will keep it on Fridays.
Tomorrow have another busy day planned. Going down to Lakeside shopping centre with Karon, to meet up with a few ww people that we have got to know from the boards and facebook. Not sure yet who is coming, or how many of us will be there, as Karon has organised it, but Im looking forward to it all the same. I think a meal is planned and of course a bit of shopping :O))) ..... its going to be a good day.

If you have got this far down, then thank you for reading my rambles. I feel I have had so much to tell you !! Sorry if you have already dropped off to sleep.... I will endeavour to try harder to keep you amused next time ... LOL. Hope you are all ok. I will be reading up on you all very soon, to see what you guys have all been up to. But for now, I will say cheerio. Hope you all have a great weekend, be good, and if you can,t be good .... be careful ;O) x

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Slowly but surely ..........

Ok , so Im not going to win any medals for fastest loser , but Im happy to say I have lost another pound at my weigh in today. YAY for me !!

Today Im feeling hugely motivated. My willpower seems to have returned 100% now, which is an absolute delight, as to be honest I have found the last few weeks sooooooooooo hard !! Ive been battling away trying to stay within points and failing miserably...Ive even been craving chocolate which really is not me. If anything Im a savoury person and crave crisps daily, but chocolate? Whats all that about ?! Weird....... lol

So yes, today feels good. Ive just enjoyed a jacket potato for my dinner filled with a mixture of wafer thin ham, onion and mayonnaise, and bucket loads of salad and beetroot !! Im stuffed, but in a healthy way :O) ......

Have a great weekend everyone x
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Today's the day.....

that I get myself back on track !!
Im writing too many posts these days saying Ive lost the plot, and can't do this and can't do that .... but Ive given myself a stern talking to !! Do I want to end up back at virtually 19st ? Because that is exactly what is going to happen if I don't get a grip on this NOW !! Ive been here too many times, having lost loads of weight and put it all back on again and more. I AM NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN !!!!
So from today, no more excuses, no more being lazy, no more nonsense .... !! Feeling positive right now. Have just taken the dog on a 30 minute walk...which ok is not much... but a lot more than taking her out of the house, into the car, out of the car, into my mums, and vice versa which is what I have been doing lately..... poor dog !! Ive been leaving it up to my daughter to walk her, but Im so glad I did it today. She was delighted to be trudging through the remains of the snow and ice, bless her !! And isn't it weird , that when you do actually make the effort to move around, it makes you feel so much better !!!
Food intake is good today. Had a muller light yogurt for brekky, and just about to have a wafer thin ham salad for lunch. Jacket potato and beans and salad for dinner.....pretty good I think. Long may it last !!
Thank you for your comments on my last post. It's good to know your not alone, and the offer to be pulled back on the wagon again with Karon driving, should be a giggle !! I look forward to it :O)
Also on another high note, I went around to have a look at the doctors surgery where I will be starting work next Monday ! Its lovely. And Marjorie who will be training me is a complete nutcase, so I should fit in well :O) . The only downer to my new job, is my current boss who is giving me a hard time for dropping one shift with him.... although I have said I will still stay there and work both the jobs if humanly possible !! He has now called an emergency meeting with all receptionists 7.30 Thursday night..... I wouldn't mind but its 13 miles away from me, and its darts night ... why oh why can he not tell me what he wants to discuss on Thursday morning when Im working there anyway !!! GGGrrrrr......... what an idiot !!.
Anyway, will not let him get me down.... onwards and upwards, and positivity flowing ...... fingers crossed it stays this way.
TTFN guys xxx

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

what do i need to do ......

to get my arse back into gear ???!!!!!

I was doing really well. Staying on track 90% of the time, then had weigh in on Friday where I only lost 1 pound , and I still managed to stay on track until Saturday night, when I ended up diving into Dominoes Full House pizza, wedges, and garlic bread .... this did follow a few drinky poos admittedly....aaaarrrggghhhh !!! Where is my will power ?? I seriously would like to find it again, so if anyone has seen it, please throw it back at me !!!

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Friday, 8 January 2010


Woooooo hoooooooooooo ..... have just got back from booking a holiday with Karon from ..... May 4th ..... Laganas here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSSoooooooooooooooo excited !!
Have never been on a girly holiday before, so this is going to be awesome.... roll on May !! :O)))) x x x
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Monday, 4 January 2010

New facebook profile just for ww .....

Hi everyone....

Just wanted to let you all know that I now have a separate facebook profile which is just weight related, to keep things simple. I dont mind sharing my ups and downs and weight with you guys, but don't really want the whole world knowing :O) .....

My facebook name for ww is ..... Tina Iwanttobethin ...if you want to add me that will be fantastic . Im trying to send out friend requests as we speak.

Look forward to seeing you on there x x
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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Feeling positive :O))... year....

My posts have been short and sweet of late, with the busy bustle of christmas, but I now have chance to fill you in a little more on whats been happening......
I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and the New Year celebrations this year !! its been fun.......However, it is now time to take down the tree, re-focus on ww, start my new opportunity which I will fill you in on in a min, and look forward to what lies ahead this year in 2010 .... ;O)
Im now holding onto the ww wagon with my teeth and nails. After my ghastly gain of 7 pounds :( .... I really need to brush that under the carpet and recapture that desire, and drive to get the last of this weight off again. First two days back on plan have gone ok . As I speak , I am now only 1.5 points over what I should be, which for me is brilliant !! An sp has also shown a loss of 1 pound :O) .... so its starting to go in the right direction again... YAY !! Unfortunately, the house is still crammed with tins of chocolates, biscuits, peanuts, cakes, trifles...... all of which my family love, so I cant even get rid of it all..... I still have 3 of my own unopened boxes of chocolates which Im contemplating giving away to a good home :O) ..... I would say Im 95% back on track. Had a ww meal on new years day, and yesterday dinner was a cod fillet in breadcrumbs and vegetables. Thats not bad considering the last 2 weeks..... so watch this space !! Found a very good quote on facebook this morning which I liked .....

"People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year , when they really should worry about what they eat between New Year and Christmas"

Lol ... how true !!

As to my new opportunity.... :O) .... last week, 30th December, I was invited to attend an interview for a job which I had applied for. The job is for 25 hours a week, about a 5 minute drive away, as a receptionist at a doctors surgery !!! I am pleased and over the moon to say that I GOT THE JOB !!!! The lady rang me on New Years Eve to tell me !!
The job which I currently do is a receptionist at an Osteopath Practice, 2 afternoons and 1 morning a week which is 13 miles away. Ironically, the shifts for both jobs almost enable me to do both ... eeeeekkk..... I do love my Osteopath job, although the boss is very pushy and making me do a lot more than be a receptionist with no extra money... he has already said he wants me to be the next practice manager, but to be honest, Im not sure I want the hassle. Im more than willing to do my shifts as a receptionist, and work hard, and would love to be able to do both jobs , (just need to see if one lady is willing to do a morning shift instead of an evening shift at the osteopaths and then Ive got it covered , although I feel I may need to drop one shift to just give me half a days break!!).... really need to go in and talk to the Osteopaths to see what they think.... I dont want to leave there, but lets see what they say. Financially , if it came to it and I have to choose one or the other, it would be better to leave the Osteopaths as Im spending too much on petrol there..... lets just wait and see.... I will let you know later this week !! Fingers crossed !!

Feeling really positive right now, new year, back on track with ww (just) , new job , and Im in the process of planning a holiday with a friend in May ... ;O)) !! Have never been away before with a friend before, and Im sooooooooooooooooo looking forward to it. Shes great company and Im sure we will have a giggle. Both families have said they don't mind us going, so think its going to be booked up by the end of this week !!! YAY !!! cant wait !!

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Friday, 1 January 2010

OMG !!!!! 7 POUNDS !!! ..............

OMG !!! Finally took the plunge and weighed myself this morning ... A WHOPPING 7 POUNDS GAIN !!!!

Thats what I get for taking 2 weeks off plan !! Back on the wagon now .....
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