Friday, 1 January 2010

OMG !!!!! 7 POUNDS !!! ..............

OMG !!! Finally took the plunge and weighed myself this morning ... A WHOPPING 7 POUNDS GAIN !!!!

Thats what I get for taking 2 weeks off plan !! Back on the wagon now .....
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  1. Its alarming how quickly the lbs pile on. However I'm sure you will get them off sooner than you think.

    Your a true inspiration

    Good luck


  2. Blimey it's getting crowded on this wagon today! lol Happy New Year and good luck with staying on track all the way to goal this year.

  3. Eeeeek! Glad you are back on plan though - and of course, it is probably only temporary and not settled on the hips yet!

  4. OKay!! Now you know so let's kick those 7 lbs back to 2009!!! You can do it!! :)

  5. It's only once a year and you'll soon have that off again. I know it's taken you a little while to loose the last 7lbs, but with the turn of the new decade you'll probably be more determined than ever to stay firmly on track.
    The pair of us have also got an excellent reason for staying on track too ;o) xx

  6. Thanks guys....this is what I love about you wont let me fall and not get back up....thank you yet again x x

  7. YOU can do it! Happy New Year!