Thursday, 24 February 2011

I need a kick please.....

It seems that every day I wake up in a really positive frame of mind. I eat a healthy breakfast, usually low fat muller yog or a bowl of half a tin of fruit in juice...what possibly could be wrong with that? ... But then, two hours later, at work,I'm attacking the biscuits with a passion!!?? WHY do I do this ?? .... I also seem to have developed an awful habit of eating at least, I said AT LEAST 3 packets of crisps a day....again, WHY? .... answers on a postcard please!!
I still badly want to lose the weight, so why do I self-sabotage in this way? It just doesn't make any sense..
At last Friday's weigh in, I gained 4lb. This is on top of the 3lb I gained the week before.ok, so I have had a couple of meals out in that time and had my monthly's, but this is half a blooming stone in 2 weeks.....AAAaarrgghhh !! I really need to draw the line ...
Ok to be fair on myself, I have still managed to keep off nearly 6 out of the 7 stone I have lost altogether, and I have been doing this now for nearly 3 I shouldn't really beat myself up....It's just that I know I can do better...I want to get into the 11's again, ...and last Friday I was back to 13st 4lb....I really need to get a grip on this...
I haven't tracked in so long, or been drinking my water like I should. I think it's time to go back to basics...I know what I need to do, I know how to do it....I just need to get on and DO IT !!!
Weigh in day tomorrow... not sure what this is likely to bring, but I shall be back to report.... Today is day 1 of losing weight again..... watch this space x

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  1. I think you have given yourself a kick! don't beat yourself up, you have done amazing. Start tracking like you say and you'll be back on track in no time.


  2. ty for the kind comment beautiful.
    Cant kick you as your too lovely but will give you PMA xx

  3. PMA huh??? My husband teaches that! But his is Prevention and Management of Aggressiom LOL.
    Positive Mental Attitude or rolling round ther floor with patients both likely to help lose weight.
    Come on girl we are in this together, Ray included. Summer is coming so forget a little blip and concentrate on the future, cant change the past but can choose our future :-)
    So come on all of us guys, we all have difficult days, lets support each other and GO FOR IT!