Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Someone please give me a kick up the bum.....

Losing the plot .... AGAIN !! Thats two weeks running now !! Im over points by 21.5 , and weigh in day is Friday..... HELP !!


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Monday, 28 September 2009

10 things I want to achieve before I die.

Ok I have been thinking and I have compiled a list of ten things I want to do or achieve before I die... here goes....

  1. Ride on a camel (I would love to do that) - to do
  2. Go horse riding again (I used to love doing that as a child, but havent done it since being so big) - to do
  3. Go to the Carribean - to do
  4. Go on the London Eye and not be scared - to do
  5. Go in a Limousine - to do
  6. Keep my weight off forever - to do
  7. Move house - to do
  8. Go back to Florida again - to do
  9. Stay happy and healthy and have grandchildren - to do
  10. Be turned away from a night club for being too drunk - DONE !!!!! YAY !!!!

I've reached the grand old age of 40 and get turned away from a night club and get told to .....*go away and sober up* !!!

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...but now think of it as a kind of triumph... lol !!! My only regret is I didn't get to meet up with Karon, who successfully got in the night-club !! Next time Karon .... thats for sure ;O)

Needless to say..... a good night was had :O) xx

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

shopping trip .. :O(

Is it just me, or am I the only self-critical person in the world ? I have such a downer on my body despite being 6 and a half stone lighter than the beginning of last year. Most people would be over the moon. But me, all I ever seem to do is is criticize myself when I'm trying on new clothes. It really bugs me.

I have just spent 3 hours exploring every shop in the new shopping centre near home. Im going out tonight, so wanted to treat myself to something new. I must have gone in every blooming shop... New look, Monsoon, H & M, Peacocks, Debenhams.... you name it, I went there ! I must have picked up every dress, every top, every skirt.... gggrrrr and with everything I found a reason why it wouldn't look good on me. "It wont look nice because I dont like my arms" , or "it won't look nice because its too clingy" or "it wont look nice because its too coloured , too patterend , too black or too bloody short .....ggggrrrrrrrrrr !! And to top it all off , I keep finding myself thinking ...... "I can't wear that because I'm too bloody OLD " ...... gggrrrrr.... what is wrong with me :O( .

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Friday, 25 September 2009

Weigh in result......

This dieting mallarkey never fails to amaze me . Im 20 points over for last week, get weighed this morning and I've lost a pound :O))))) ..... how the hell did that happen ? I even sp after my very heavy weekend and it was saying I had gained 3, so I jumped straight back on the wagon again on Monday saving points each day, and low and behold I've managed to lose a pound !!! I'm now 12st 6lb !! To say I'm chuffed is an understatement, shocked would be another word I'd use, and to be honest feel extremely lucky to have swung it in my favour.
I feel like I'm learning all the time about my body's weird little tricks it plays. I'm not recommending to everyone to go out, eat fish and chips, get hammered, and then have chinese, not at all, but bloody hell it worked for me !! lol !! It just seems my body needs a real splurge sometimes, followed by being super good, it gets things moving..... well thats my theory anyway ! Same principle as the wendie plan I guess, although my super heavy day was super, super heavy day'ssssss !! lol .
Well what are you guys up to this weekend? I have another night out to look forward to with my friend Linda tomorrow night. We are hitting the pubs of Newmarket. Looking forward to that. Honestly since I had my whinge a couple of months ago about never going out, I have literally been out every weekend !! Don't think I have ever gone out as much as this, better make the most of it !! The only trouble I have is what to wear . I feel a shopping trip coming on :O)))) ...... Then on Sunday we have been invited to have dinner around the in-laws. Although its kind of them to ask, we don't really see eye to eye and to be honest, am not too keen on them at all, but I will try to make the best of it. Just take a deep breath and it will be over in a few hours.....
Have a great weekend guys.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

If you have fallen off the wagon recently.......

Hi guys.

I was having a play on the computer this morning and found this on google..... it certainly made me think. If you have fallen off the wagon lately, this may just help you realise why you shouldnt give up x
The weekend is over and you have fallen off the wagon. It's now time to get serious!

This weight loss riddle will get you back on track, back on the wagon ... presidential style!!!There's no need to give up!

You've decided to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. You take three eggs from the refrigerator. As you are oh so gracefully moving toward the counter, one falls from your hand and smashes on the floor.

What do you do?

1. Clean it up.
2. Make two scrambled eggs instead of three.
3. Get another egg from the fridge.


4. Throw the other two eggs on the floor and say 'screw it!'

Weight loss is a process. Falling off the wagon and finding yourself a bit bruised and bloated is par for the course. There's no need to throw your eggs on the floor and give up!

Those who reach their weight loss goals are simply the ones who get back on the wagon - again and again. (Personally, I've fallen so many times, it's become a part of my exercise program.) Those who succeed experience these setbacks as temporary lapses. They understand that there are no magic bullets, no quick fixes. The turtle wins this race.

Here are a few thoughts and tips to help you pick yourself up and climb back on the wagon!

How to Pull Yourself Up from the Boot Straps in four Easy Steps

1. Practice Loving-Kindness. Please stop being hard on yourself and saying mean things to yourself, too! (If someone else called you a fat pig, you'd punch them in the nose!)
2. Helping others stay on track is a way of keeping yourself on track.
3. Write Out Your List of Reasons: I want to lose weight because ____________. (fill in the blank and be honest) . "Be healthy. Look younger. Be socially acceptable. Make that rat who left me feel real bad."
4. The 80/20 Rule. No one is perfect 100% of the time. If you follow your
weight loss plan 80% of the time, and treat yourself to an occasional treat 20% of the time, you should be able to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

I like this. I think this lady speaks a lot of sense . Hope it helps x

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

OMG.... I need to confess :O(

OMG, what am I doing ? I need to confess.... I am a PIG :O( !!!!!

I have had absolutely no self control whatsoever !!! What on earth is going on ?

I went out for lunch with my lovely friend Karon on Friday and ended up choosing cod, chips and peas at 15.5 pts ... eeeeekkkk. This was at 2 o clock. By evening, when it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't fed hubby and the kids (completely forgot the poor things..lol), it was 8pm so they decided to go and get burger and chips....of course by then I was getting peckish so indulged in a handful of chips and bite of burger...all pointed but I ended up having 27 pts for the day instead of 19 .... disaster day number 1 . Over pts by 8 :(

Then Saturday arrives. We decide late in the day to go to see my uncle Frank and cousins as they were having a bit of a do in Northampton. Set off travelling at 7pm, got half an hour into our journey when we are diverted. Cannot get on the blooming A14 !!! Frigging road works. Diversions took us around in a circle , and an hour later we were no nearer. Sat Nav was not helping.... I swear if I heard her say RE-CALCULATING one more bloody time I would have thrown it out the blooming window !!!! It was pitch black, hubby was losing his temper and we ended up going back towards home, apologising to my family that we would not be able to come. We ended up going to our local for a drink to calm ourselves down. 7 vodka's and diet coke later, the landlady decides to order chinese to be delivered.....what did I hear myself say.... We will have some !!! What the hell ???!!!! Ended up having sweet and sour chicken balls and egg fried rice... 20 bloody pts !!!! Disaster day number 2 :( ...

Have now been eating flapjack and cookie that my daughters had attempted to make, I am now over my pts by bloody 30 ... and its still only 3pm and I haven't had my dinner yet :O((((


HELP !!!

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Please help !!

I would just like to ask all my lovely followers if they would do me a favour . My friend Caley and her partner Robert are trying to win a competition, to win a trip to Thailand to help them with their tourism growth. I think its a great idea.

They have had to make a one minute video clip of themselves . They are trying to get as many people as possible to view the clip, even a few seconds of the clip gets them another vote.
Please would you all view the link as many times as possible.

Thank you guys. The link is as follows :


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Friday, 18 September 2009

ggggrrrrrrr........... :o(

I gained 2lb !!!!!!! Really pipped off with that. Ok, yes I have my TOTM which started on Wednesday, but usually I only gain a pound, but this time 2 lb !!! GGGGrrrrrrr :O(

Back to 12 st 7 lb :O( x

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Am I allowed to mention the 'C' word in September...

I've just come back from a shopping trip, and its getting pretty damn obvious to me that the 'C' word is coming..... am I allowed to mention the 'C' word in September ?? Of course I mean Christmas.... ok, ok, I know its not what everybody wants to hear , but I'm sorry folks, its happening whether we like it or not !!! In fact it is in 100 days today !!

I do love Christmas. I love putting the decorations up on the last weekend of November, I love wrapping presents, I even like shopping for the presents, I like cooking the Christmas dinner...... but my God , I hate paying for Christmas...gggrrrrr !! Everything is so blooming expensive.

I've been browsing for a few stocking filler items for the kids today, yes I know I'm mad, but if I don't start when I do have a few pennies, then I wont be able to start at all !! So I've started. I did have a mad fit back in January and bought a few sale bits aswell, so I'm going upstairs in a minute to dig everything out that I bought then, and make a list of what to get next. It feels quite good to be in control for once...lol.... last year I left it all pretty late, so hopefully a much more organised year this year. Am I the only one, or are there other mad people out there too....?

One more lovely thing to mention.... my gorgeous eldest daughter Kirsty has sprung a surprise for me. She has arranged for us to go to London on the 12th October, have our hair done, make-up done, and a photo shoot together....... I am over the moon, thrilled and so excited. She is a wonderful daughter.... I am very, very lucky xxx

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Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well it was time to say goodbye to the girls Grandad Reggie on Friday afternoon. The church was packed as expected as he was such a lovely popular man. The service was lovely. My girls literally broke their hearts when the coffin left the church to the music you raise me up by the male welsh choir........
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6VL0h862_4 ... not a dry eye in the house......
That little man is going to be greatly missed by all.
The wake afterwards was held at the social club and it was packed. I really wasn't sure what to expect, with it being all my ex-in-laws and family there , but they were wonderful. They thanked me for all the help of printing photo's of Reg and for the first time in 7 years , my ex-husband and I could chat and laugh together. In fact we ended up getting quite tiddly together and went down memory lane for a while.... which was nice. The girls are happy that we get on now. It had been very hostile for a few years, but now he seems to be a changed man, and I suppose I'm quite a bit different also .......

Goodbye Reg, sleep peacefully x

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Friday, 11 September 2009

1st year anniversary and weigh in result....

I have only just realised that today is my 52nd week with ww and my first year anniversary !!! Yay !!!! Can't believe its been a year already......my goodness !! Where did that year go ? What better way to celebrate than with another 2lb loss today at weigh in !! How I managed that I dont know after last weekend...lol....but I greatfully accept it with both hands...!! Now 12st 5lb !!!!

This time last year I was depressed, had no energy, and longing to lose weight. I could only manage 13lbs on my own from January to September and I knew it should come off quicker than that....so I joined ww on September 15th 2008.......what a difference a year makes !!!!!! Today I have more confidence, I have bags more energy, Im so happy, and to be able to shop in any shop I choose now is wonderful, and I feel soooooo much better......

Ok so what have I managed to lose since last September '08...... 78lbs or 5st 8 lbs

But the grand total since January '08....... 91 lbs !! 6st 7 lbs

I have gone from a size 22/24 ..... and the black top I am wearing in the picture above is a size 12 and today Im wearing a size 12 pair of black trousers..... GO ME !!! :O))))

Im so happy with that.... I feel like a different person and hopefully look like a different one too !!!

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Mid week rambles.....

Hi all. Not much to report at the moment, but just want to say a big thank you to Karon from http://twinklestrek.blogspot.com/ for my lovely blog award.....How lovely. I have 2 now and are very proud of both of them. The idea is to acknowledge the sender and to pass it on to 15 others which I will do tomorrow...... although finding just 15 is rather difficult. Your blogs are all wonderful, but I will pick the first 15 that I think of that I didnt send one too last time. Think thats fair....cos your all great xx

Hope everyone is having a good ww week. My super pointed day on Saturday has spurred me on enormously to claw back my points. Yesterday did loads of walking , well had no choice really... my car ended up at the garage with sticking break lights so had to walk everywhere!!! Luckily they fixed it in the morning before I went to work at 1.30 otherwise I would of had a 13 mile journey to walk to work and I didn't really fancy that ... lol !!

So far so good though, as no damage to report from the scales from my boozy day/night on Saturday.....in fact a SP is showing a loss of 1 lb !!!!!!!!!!!! Must be all that walking......Perhaps I should get a car like the Flintstones and use my legs to move it..... that will earn me a few BP's !!!! xx

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

2 days points in 1 !!! :O/

Oh dear !! What have I done? Should I feel guilty or should I feel happy for having such a blooming great day/night out? Well I have decided, I am going to feel happy ... What a great time I had !!! :O)

As I said in my last post, my friend Jackie from work invited me to go out on what I thought was a Saturday night, but it turned out that we met up at 1.0 clock lunchtime and I didnt get home til half past midnight !!!!!!

It was the opening celebration of the Rugby club where Jackie also works. We met up and I followed Jackie to hers and left my car there and we went in her car to the rugby club. She had been asked to work on some of the lads before the game so we arrived early. She is a masseur (massage lady) who treats the players before they play the match. I was luck enough to be allowed in and watch as she massaged the thighs and backs of these very well built rugby players.... what a treat :O).

We then watched the match which started at 3 pm. Jackies son was also playing. He is 21 but Jackie definately does not look old enough to have a son that age. She is 46 but definately looks at least 10 years younger. This is the first time we have been out together socially, and I had a brilliant time. The team ended up losing 18-21, but it was great to watch. I love the way they go in for their scrums. I kept telling Jackie they were having a cuddle and she laughed.... I also was amazed at how sporting they are . There is none of this back chatting the refs, or arguing on the pitch and they do a clapping thing for the other team after the game. They all then go shower and eat a meal together both home and away teams. It seems a lot more friendly and sporting than football !!

My diet went well and truly out of the window Im afraid. Firstly Jackie bought me a ham roll ( I dont usually eat bread of any description...eeek ) whilst we were watching the match, and then as Jackie works there, we were both offered a meal for free....gorgeous home made shepherds pie (huge) and peas....it was delicious....and then there was the drinking.....I usually have vodka and diet coke, the diet coke being 0 points, but I tried what Jackie was having . Vodka and grapefruit juice thinking this was a healthy choice, until I check the points this morning to find that grapefruit juice is 1 point a glass......gggrrrr another case of underestimating points !! After the meal we went to Jackies to get changed for the night out. Got my glad rags on and we met up with the people from the rugby club and all did a pub crawl around the town. A very brilliant night.

After totting it all up, looks very much like I have had 2 days points in 1 !!! Whoooops !!! As Im only on 19 points a day, its sooooo hard on an average day to stay within that limit, let alone a lovely day out like yesterday....... so I have drawn my line _____________________________

I dont hold out much hope for weigh day on Friday, but hey..... it was fun.

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Friday, 4 September 2009

Weigh in result.....and mum's kitchen....

As expected from my sp yesterday, I have had a STS this week. Im not too surprised really.....Ive had a really hungry week this week , although I did just about stay within my points.

So back to the grind. My hunger seems to have subsided a bit, so hopefully thats a good sign. Whatever it was that was making me want to eat the entire contents of my home, seems to have disappeared... for now !!

Going to try a few different meals this week. Will try to get creative in the kitchen.....it should be a laugh if nothing else.... Delia Smith I am not !!!!! I would love to be able to cook decent home-made yummies.....will definately give it a try....watch this space...Mum's kitchen is open !!

The weekend is upon us again and I have the opportunity of going out tomorrow night with a friend from work to a local Rugby Club. Her son plays rugby there, and she is also a sports massage lady so works for some of the rugby players. I really want to go , but yet again money is so slack......will have to wait and see. Perhaps I could go for just a little while and drink diet coke....mmmm ... I may just do that.

Anyway guys, have a good weekend. Hope all your weigh ins are good ones, and if not, don't be down about it, just fight it !!!x
Just added a quick piccy of the flapjack I made ..... yummmmmmm x

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

what will tomorrow bring.....

Well another weigh in day is looming..... tomorrow is 'D' day....

A sneaky peek is showing a STS, hopefully it will swing in my favour by tomorrow and give me a little loss...anything will do !!

Have had a hungry week, could have eaten my house at one point, but kept within my points, only just, with the help of sugar free jelly !! What a life saver that is. Delicious and 0 points, and surprisingly filling. So if anyone out there is struggling, and wanting to eat the sofa....try opting for the sugar free jelly because it really works !!

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow x

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

recycling teabags !!!! lmao ....

Hi guys....

Its been a busy couple of days with my uncle Frank staying with us. His daughter Josie, (my cousin) bought him up to us on Sunday, and I have just took him back to Northampton today. He is a delightful little Irish man, and is such a laugh. He has the ability to turn everything into laughter, and it was good fun having him stay. I have never known anyone to drink as much tea as he does, we even (for a joke) resorted to recycling tea-bags on the washing line !!! Neighbours must have thought we were barmy !!! (see photo!!).

Going back to my post the other day with the sad news of my ex father-in-law passing away, I have now been informed that I will be more than welcome at the funeral as they know that he would have wanted that. This piece of news bought a lump to my throat, and Im pleased to be able to attend and pay my respects to a dear and wonderful man, bless him. Not sure when it is going to be yet, but I'm guessing Monday or Tuesday of next week. I know my girls are all going to find this very difficult. He was a grandad in a million and a very big part of their lives. I'm glad I can be there for them.

WW wise....I'm hanging in there just !!! Having company is hard when it comes to the nibbles...!! We had a small BBQ on Sunday when uncle Frank and Josie were here which I managed only just to stay in control of only having 2 sausages and one small burger and salad, then yesterday went to mums for lunch and she did mountains of cheese and onion and corned beef and onion sandwiches and cakes..... since then I have been so longing for a thickly buttered , thickly cut mature cheddar cheese sandwich, but so far so good and I haven't given in to it....just dribbling at the thought of it though. This is quite unusal for me to feel like this. I dont usually crave sandwiches, but I suppose they just looked sooooooo good . All I had instead was ryvita with a very small bit of cheese on and some onion....wasn't quite the same as a gorgeous, yummy, thickly buttered .... TINA STOP IT !!!!!! Im just torturing myself now..lol :OP

Anyhows, hope your all ok. Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog. Its nice to know there are people out there that read this.....and I love reading your blogs. Having had company the last couple of days, I have not been able to get on the computer much but its nice to be back to it !! Have had a play around with my header aswell.... I think the fairy is really pretty.... what do you think ? TTFN guys....... xx

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