Thursday, 3 September 2009

what will tomorrow bring.....

Well another weigh in day is looming..... tomorrow is 'D' day....

A sneaky peek is showing a STS, hopefully it will swing in my favour by tomorrow and give me a little loss...anything will do !!

Have had a hungry week, could have eaten my house at one point, but kept within my points, only just, with the help of sugar free jelly !! What a life saver that is. Delicious and 0 points, and surprisingly filling. So if anyone out there is struggling, and wanting to eat the sofa....try opting for the sugar free jelly because it really works !!

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow x

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  1. I never weigh at home...i dont have any scales to do it...well i do but they need new batteries lol....i know that "eat my house" feeling oh so well...i was the same last week, and i gave in to it and had the chip shop every night but only gained ½lb....i was WELL shocked, i did better this week with 2½lbs off so i was happy my bad week hadnt dented me to much.

    Good luck for tomorrow Tina...

  2. Good luck for tomorrow. I was sts as late as this morning, but still lost, so I'm optimistic for you. Switch out the granny pants for scanties. Worked for me! LOL