Saturday, 26 September 2009

shopping trip .. :O(

Is it just me, or am I the only self-critical person in the world ? I have such a downer on my body despite being 6 and a half stone lighter than the beginning of last year. Most people would be over the moon. But me, all I ever seem to do is is criticize myself when I'm trying on new clothes. It really bugs me.

I have just spent 3 hours exploring every shop in the new shopping centre near home. Im going out tonight, so wanted to treat myself to something new. I must have gone in every blooming shop... New look, Monsoon, H & M, Peacocks, Debenhams.... you name it, I went there ! I must have picked up every dress, every top, every skirt.... gggrrrr and with everything I found a reason why it wouldn't look good on me. "It wont look nice because I dont like my arms" , or "it won't look nice because its too clingy" or "it wont look nice because its too coloured , too patterend , too black or too bloody short .....ggggrrrrrrrrrr !! And to top it all off , I keep finding myself thinking ...... "I can't wear that because I'm too bloody OLD " ...... gggrrrrr.... what is wrong with me :O( .

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  1. You should take me shopping with you. I'm always helping my wife Anita when she shops with helpful comments like "That looks fine. Can we go now?" and "Perfect. Can we go now?"

  2. Shopping can be a pain...just try things on until you find something that you feel great in.

  3. Awww Tina! Maybe you still kinda have an image of the 'old' you in your head instead of the new & improved Tina, you look fab and looking at your recent pics you could get anyway with anything...TOO OLD??? NEVER!!!
    Hope you have fun tonight xx

  4. i hate that and u know what when we are at target we,ll still be doing the same thing!!!
    but try and not to worry to much try positive thinking like when u try something on just remeber a year ago u wouldnt be able to fit into and how far you have come with ur arms by a cardigan to go with it they alaways come in handy or a cardy shrug they look smart!!!

    hope u have a good night out


  5. No you're not alone, if anything i am more critical of myself now than i was when i was 100lbs heavier, strange isn't it?

    On the clothes side though i wear very different things to what i used to, you have to get into the mindset of trying anything on, sometimes the things you hate on a hanger look the best on.

    Be brave!

  6. I get like that too, with clothes. But, as Stacey and Clinton (What Not to Wear on TLC) say, "TRY IT ON"!! You might be surprised as to what looks good now! I also hate my arms, but you know what? Probably that's only me! So for this wedding I'm going to on Friday, I bought a hot sleeveless dress, and I'm saying "screw it"!

  7. you know whats the matter with you!! your brain just hasnt caught up with your boday yet...

  8. You are a lovely bunch. Glad Im not alone in this !! Right next time I go shopping Jack, your coming with
    I think your all right. Trying everything on and something is bound to stand out and know what , you look good in that...I will do that next time.
    Isnt it strange Jo , however much we lose, we still criticize ourselves...ggrrr...mine is getting to be more of an age issue now aswell...which is a real pain.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments gang. You really are the best x