Sunday, 6 September 2009

2 days points in 1 !!! :O/

Oh dear !! What have I done? Should I feel guilty or should I feel happy for having such a blooming great day/night out? Well I have decided, I am going to feel happy ... What a great time I had !!! :O)

As I said in my last post, my friend Jackie from work invited me to go out on what I thought was a Saturday night, but it turned out that we met up at 1.0 clock lunchtime and I didnt get home til half past midnight !!!!!!

It was the opening celebration of the Rugby club where Jackie also works. We met up and I followed Jackie to hers and left my car there and we went in her car to the rugby club. She had been asked to work on some of the lads before the game so we arrived early. She is a masseur (massage lady) who treats the players before they play the match. I was luck enough to be allowed in and watch as she massaged the thighs and backs of these very well built rugby players.... what a treat :O).

We then watched the match which started at 3 pm. Jackies son was also playing. He is 21 but Jackie definately does not look old enough to have a son that age. She is 46 but definately looks at least 10 years younger. This is the first time we have been out together socially, and I had a brilliant time. The team ended up losing 18-21, but it was great to watch. I love the way they go in for their scrums. I kept telling Jackie they were having a cuddle and she laughed.... I also was amazed at how sporting they are . There is none of this back chatting the refs, or arguing on the pitch and they do a clapping thing for the other team after the game. They all then go shower and eat a meal together both home and away teams. It seems a lot more friendly and sporting than football !!

My diet went well and truly out of the window Im afraid. Firstly Jackie bought me a ham roll ( I dont usually eat bread of any description...eeek ) whilst we were watching the match, and then as Jackie works there, we were both offered a meal for free....gorgeous home made shepherds pie (huge) and was delicious....and then there was the drinking.....I usually have vodka and diet coke, the diet coke being 0 points, but I tried what Jackie was having . Vodka and grapefruit juice thinking this was a healthy choice, until I check the points this morning to find that grapefruit juice is 1 point a glass......gggrrrr another case of underestimating points !! After the meal we went to Jackies to get changed for the night out. Got my glad rags on and we met up with the people from the rugby club and all did a pub crawl around the town. A very brilliant night.

After totting it all up, looks very much like I have had 2 days points in 1 !!! Whoooops !!! As Im only on 19 points a day, its sooooo hard on an average day to stay within that limit, let alone a lovely day out like yesterday....... so I have drawn my line _____________________________

I dont hold out much hope for weigh day on Friday, but hey..... it was fun.

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  1. Maybe an extra workout or two before Friday will mitigate the damage?

    Heck, it sounds like you had a great time though!

  2. Everybody deserves to let their hair down from time to time, the main thing is that you're back on track today!

    Good luck for the rest of the week, I'm sure you won't have done that much damage.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time, you can pull back a little before Friday to make up fo it I am sure.

    You gotta have fun!!

  4. Don't panic!! I was over pretty much all week last week on the points and still managed to lose a pound!! Good point above, extra workout? It's been in the past my redeeming thing as well! And yep, definitely like the idea of watching the thighs of a rubgy player being rubbed down!! ;-) Dead jealous!

    L xx

  5. Thanks guys....Ive been walking like a demon since Saturday and salad all day yesterday....Im a woman on a mission to undo any damage before Friday !!xx

  6. Nice blog. I am still trying to figure out how to get my pictures on the side of my blog. You are looking great!