Friday, 31 July 2009

How many points in a boiler man ??!!......

Well Ive had a wonderful morning..... peering at the boxer shorts of a gorgeous boiler man !! Phew !! I need to sit down !! He's given me a full service.... :O) .... and little does he know but hes made this old girl very happy !!! I wonder how many points in a boiler man ??!!
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OH YES !!..............

YAY !! I'm over the moon. The peeing has helped !! Up twice in the night, and squeezed another 2 out before I stepped on the scales .... and although I havent lost anything, I have STS !!!!!!! Im so happy. After my sp's of earlier in the week, I thought I was in for disaster, but after yesterdays peeing (sorry about all this peeing talk, but hey it really works !!) the last of the monthlys disappearing, Ive ended up a happy bunny. Of course I would of loved to of had a loss, but we can't have everything. So Im happy with my sts ... :O) although thats 3 weigh ins now at 12st 13lb ... ggrrrrr ...hopefully a loss next week ...

On an even nicer note.... I have the most gorgeous boiler man servicing my parts as I write this.... mmmmmmmmmmm ... nice !! x

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Really nervous.....

Hi all

Feeling really nervous right now. Have my weigh in tomorrow and although I have been fab all week with the food, and threw in a little walk here and there, Ive also got my TOTM and still feel rather bloated. An sp this morning showed 2 on :( .... although I have been peeing like a horse all day, so hoping some of the excess fluid has gone down the loo.....
I really, really, really hope its not a gain tomorrow .... It will take me back into the 13's .... :( ... as many fingers crossed as possible please guys . Hope your all doing ok xxx
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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Feeling really fat tonight....... :O(

I'm having one of those F-A-T days..........ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

As predicted TOTM arrived on Sunday, and since then have been feeling really bloated and yukky...

Im sitting here feeling huge !! My jeans feel tight, my belly is flopping over the top and I don't hold out much hope for this weeks weigh in on Friday.... hmph :O(

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Just for fun.... TWINS !!! :O)

Just for fun ...... :O)... seeing double ...!!!

When I went shopping the other day, I bought a lovely long baggy top from New Look (all the fashion now apparently ) which I loved. It had pretty little flowers all over it. Little did I know, my eldest daughter who lives with her dad, who came to visit last night, had the same top !!!!! How strange is that .. lol !! My other two daughters had had a day at the sea-side and came home with matching we couldnt resist a laugh.... and heres the outcome !!!!!!!!

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another night out.. ?!?!?!!!

ANOTHER NIGHT OUT ???.......My God !! I really should whinge more often !! Thats two nights out now on consecutive weekends. :-O ..... its either a case of ... what's he after ? or blooming hek I'll make the most of this !!!!
Yes you heard it right ..... hubby took me out again last night !! His idea !! I was still recovering from last week, but of course I said yes and we went out to our local haunt, well I say local, a friendly little pub we like about 8 or 9 miles away. The one where I got hammered last week and sang on the karaoke...... And for once, I managed to enjoy myself on just .... wait for it .... diet coke !!!! With not even a hint of vodka ?!*?!*..... Why I hear you be honest I don't really know why, but it was lovely just to come home and remember everything about the night and not to wake up with a blinding headache.. lol !!! Must try it again sometime.
We had a lovely night just chatting to Maggie and Rob the owners, and there were a few others in there, but its a quiet village pub so not rowdy or filled with teenies...god showing my age now.. lol ... so was just a relaxing night. We were home by 11 ish, and my consumption of points for the evening.... a whopping 3.5 for a large packet of crisps !!! And we didn't spend much money so thats a bonus. An enjoyable evening.... I've also been invited by Maggie to go and see an Irish band on the 7th August which I'm really looking forward to. Dave's going to look after the kids, so a lovely night out just for me :O)...... I'm starting to enjoy this getting out .... my life is looking up in every aspect.... x

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Weigh in day ..............

WEIGH IN DAY .................... and I have STS ! Surprisingly, I'm pleased with that, especially as I said yesterday, TOTM is about to rear its ugly head at any time now. In my own mind I can now firmly believe I am in the 12's :O).......... Hopefully, TOTM will have been and gone by this time next week, and that normally means a loss of some kind if I'm good....although having said that, mum has invited us round to have fish and chips with her tonight, so considering its Friday, Ive said yes. I love fish and chips and have only had it I think once since I started this back in September.... so something to look forward to tonight. Have a good day folks, and an even better weekend, be good, and if you can't be good, be careful !! :OP xxx

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

weigh in day is looming.....

Well after making it into the 12's last week, of which I am still over the moon about, weigh-in day is looming again tomorrow..... eeeeek..... this to me is crunch time !! IF I have put on, then I will have to say bye bye to the 12's again (sob sob), but if I manage a STS or a loss, this will assure me that I am well and truly into the 12's. I always find that getting into the next stone bracket down is sooooooooo hard, but confirming it the following week is sometimes even harder. I never quite believe Im in the next stoneage, until that confirmation comes the week after, does that make sense ?
So although nervous about tomorrow, a little sp this morning said a STS, so Im slightly optimistic to still be in the 12's, but having said that... TOTM is due anytime, in fact a little late this month :O/............... so anything is possible. So watch this space..........

I also forgot to mention I did get off my big behind and did a 45 minute walk on Tuesday night with the kids and the dog. Nearly killed the poor dog at that pace, but at least I finally got my butt moving !!!!

Also blood tests back this week, and all ok..... so nothing to worry about thank goodness. Still don't feel full of life, and lack a bit of zing at the moment, but maybe if I could have a good nights sleep for a change, then perhaps that would help.

Ok my lovely followers.... seem to have lost all your lovely little faces on my blog at the moment, but think its a problem a lot of people are having . Good luck with any pending weigh-ins, and I will let you know my result tomorrow .

Bye for now xxxx

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Monday, 20 July 2009

latest pic... today 20/07/09

In my size 14 skirt !! YAY !!x

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Well Monday is here again !! The weeks are flying past !! Ive finally recovered from my boozey Friday night out, but I suffered badly Saturday and Sunday had no energy, so literally spent all weekend indoors at the computer. I so badly need a laptop, Im now having to jump on here between the kids having their turn, but just cant afford one at the moment. Today I'm sneezing like crazy !! AAAaarrrrgggghhhh swine flu I hear you shout ...... don't think you can catch it through the computer so don't worry I think your safe .. lol !! Not sure if it is gonna turn into a flu or what.... will have to watch this space. But as for today, the kids have started their summer hols, they are in bed as I type, and I have work this afternoon. They are going to go swimming to keep themselves occupied today...if they ever get up !!

Feeling great since reaching the 12's, a SP this morning still showing 12st 13lb which is fantastic !! Didn't gain anything from my naughty Friday night which I worked out I went over points by 19 !! I had a total of 39 on Friday !! Just jumped straight back on the wagon again on Saturday...... so starting the week feeling happy with life..... long may it continue :O)
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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lovely night out ... :O)

Well the long awaited night out came last night, and oh what a lovely night it was. From my earlier posts of the last week or so you will know that I have been whinging about not going out, so dear hubby, in celebration of my 5 stone loss yesterday, decided to take me out....

Firstly I had a lovely bath, washed my hair, done my make-up, and agonised over what to wear. After trying on about 10 different outfits, I opted for a pair of jeans with little diamonds on them, and a leopard print top which I adore !! We weren't going anywhere posh, so I knew I could dress down, but I still felt good in what I was wearing, and hubby said I looked gorgeous, so that was a good start !!

Went to a lovely pub called "The Cock" in a village about 10 minutes away from us. A lovely old country pub with old beams .... I love that oldie-woldie feel.... I really felt comfortable in the clothes I had chosen, as there were other people there in similar, so I didn't feel out of place.

For our meal, I opted for chicken spring rolls for starters with a sweet chilli dip. Delicious !! They were quite small, so don't think too much damage there and they were served with a side salad. Hubby had cauliflower and spicey mustard soup, and I asked to try some, and that too was lovely. Might try and make some of that myself !!

My main meal was beef medallions served on a caramalised onion mash .... Im dribbling now just thinking of it.....!! Absolutely gorgeous !! This was served with cauliflower, carrots, broccolli and swede....and a pepper sauce......scrummy!! Hubby had home made lasagne and chips . Of course I had to pinch a chip !! 4 vodkas and diet cokes later we left to go to another pub where we know the landlady and landlord very well.....

We had a lovely game or 3 of darts, had more vodkas and diet cokes, and was singing on the karaoke until 1.30 am !!!!!!! Yes I said 1.30 am !! I dont remember much after this. Apparently hubby has told me that I insisted on looking at my blog at two o clock this morning, and I actually fell asleep at the computer desk !!!! I think I had one too many vodkas and believe me, I am suffering for it now!!! But what a lovely night x
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Friday, 17 July 2009

:O) ... what a lovely day xxx Thank you xxx

I just want to say a huge thank you to all my fellow bloggers and 5+ ww friends that I have now accumulated online and on facebook. You all understand so much how this journey can be, the ups and the downs , and the support you give to everyone is amazing and.....well it just makes me so proud to know you all, well sort of know you all... lol !!!

I also want to thank my lovely mum and hubby. They clubbed together to give me £70 today, to spend on myself as 70 is the total amount of pounds that I have lost now. Ive been on a really good shopping day, with mum, and its been lovely. And to top it all off, after my whinging the other day about never going out, my hubby is taking me out for a meal tonight and a few drinkies..... what a lovely end to a lovely day....

OMG, I feel like Im doing a speech at the Oscars... lol .... I'll shut up now. Have a fantastic weekend everyone and once more...... thank you ;O) xxxxxxx

:O) :O) :O) :O) :O) :O) .. I did it !!!!!!!!

YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG !! Yippee !! Wooohooooo !! *does a little dance round the kitchen*.... hop, skip, jump, fall over the dog, .... I did it !!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the 12's !!!!!!!!!!!!
Im sooooooooooooooo happy today. Have lost both my 5 stones now and into the 12's !!!!!! Also smashed my next target of getting into the 12's by 1st August with 2 weeks to spare !!! Lost 1 pound this week , never have I been so happy to see a 1 pound loss !!!
Ecstatic is not the word !! xxx Thats 6 stone in total now !!! woooohoooo !!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fingers crossed ......

Tomorrow is my weigh in day.... and will I or won't I get into the 12's ????? And reach my 5 stone off all in one day ???? Would it be too good to be true........

I will be so excited to get back into those 12's.... havent been there in over 7 years !!! I want it soooooooo bad.....

Ive been soooooo good food wise this week . Almost saintly !! But exercise... what exercise ?? Ok, ok, I will.... maybe next week !

Fingers crossed for tomorrow then ... of course I will let you know how I get on .. in fact you will probably hear me scream from the rooftops either way .. lol x
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Monday, 13 July 2009

My get up and go has got up and went !!!

What has happened to me? My get up and go has got up and went, and I just can't seem to find it !!

I have been feeling irritable, grouchy and tearful this last week. I have not exercised now in a couple of weeks, and I just cannot understand it. A month or so ago I was doing regular 3 mile walks, and working out on the Wii fit and loving it, but lately..... NOTHING !! Although my body will not spring into action, no matter how much I tell myself I should be exercising, I dont seem to have lost control with the food. Im a saint where it comes to the food, halo is well and truly shining there, but how on earth am I going to force myself into activity ? Any ideas would be greatly welcome !!

The emotional side of things, I am putting down to hormones, no money and a severe lack of decent social life and good friends. Friends seem to say one thing and do another, and to be honest I have decided I need to look to find new friends. Maybe I will try and look for some bar work and kill two birds with one stone... eg socialising and earning more money !!

Well Ive had a little peek at the scales this morning and its telling me 2lb on... ho hum.... I really dont deserve that , but Friday is a long way off for official weigh in hopefully by then I may have forced my lazy @rse into gear and have done some exercise.....stern talking to oneself I feel........ TINA ... GET YOUR FAT BUM INTO GEAR IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO THE 12'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good week everyone x

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Sunday, 12 July 2009


Really truly fed up tonight............ sorry its a rant !!!

So-called friends !! HUH !! I do not have a close network of friends, but a few what I thought were friends, but it just seems they say something and do another !! I remembered earlier that I was supposed to go to an anne summers party tonight on the 11th. I had forgotten , but was pleased to have remembered in time. I told them to tell me what time it was on and where. Do you think I got a call ? NO !! So sat in yet again.........gggrrrr..... and to make it worse ... none of them are on facebook tonight... so looks like they went without me !! Really fed up now :O( x

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Friday 10th July....weigh in.....

OMG........ just needed another half a blooming pound to get into the 12's !!!

Don't get me wrong, Im well pleased with the 2 lbs that I managed to lose this week, but I'm so desperate to get into those 12's...... it will just have to wait until next week !! If I manage a pound off next week I will have reached my 5 stone off since September aswell so a big day for me next Friday....Im sure some of you may even hear me yell from the roof-tops either a good or bad hopefully a good one !! I did manage to find this graph , although Im not 5ft 7 (I wish)... at my best 5ft 2 and a can see Im still in the FAT catagory....gggrrr....hopefully not for much longer.

Its been a funny old week really. Although I have been sat at this computer for so many hours, I havent had much to say!! Thats a first !! I love reading all your blogs, and some of you are just doing soooooo well. Well done everyone. Your blogs inspire me. Just sometimes Im a listener instead of a talker... (try telling my hubby ).

The week ended on a high with my daughters Sophie and Shannon (13 and 10), appearing in productions at their schools Thursday and Friday night. Didnt get home til 9.30 on both occasions and wow they were all fantastic. Many , many hours worth of hard work paid off. It was brill, so well done to my girls and both of those schools.

I don't have any plans for this weekend. Money is tight at the moment. If money was no object, I would just love a night out every weekend and be able to spend money on some more new clothes, but alas I cant right now....ggrrrr.... so tonight my girls will go to their dads for the night, and Dave and I will probably just watch tv or play cards..... would much rather be out :O(

Anyway you lovely bloggers...enjoy your weekend, be careful with your points, and tell us all about it, good or bad !! TTFN xxxx

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Having a bleuurrrgggghhhhh day....

Why is it some days you wake up full of beans with a spring in your step, and other days, like today, you haven't got any energy, feel really fat and just want to go back to bed for the day !! Well thats how I have felt today !! Only had 16 of my 20 points, but feel so bloated and fat...gggrrrrr..... hate feeling like this !! Hope I feel livlier and happier tomorrow.

Sorry for the negative post ... but thats what I like about can just let it all out and your lovely followers just let you get on with it..... thanks guys xx

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

BBQ fun with the family...

Had a lovely day yesterday. Decided to have my first BBQ of the year....and ended up cooking for 13 people !!

The sun shone all day and my lovely cousin Jenny, Stuart, James and Connor came and both my brothers Mick and Steve, my mum came and of course myself, Dave, and my girls Sophie, Shannon and Kirsty and her boyfriend Barry.

We had a fab day. I was a little concerned food wise as with this being my first BBQ of the year, I wasn't sure how much control I would have !! Well to be honest I had 3 sausages, a burger, chicken drumstick, some home made potato salad, some beans, and 3 glasses of wine !! So not too much damage there !! I get so full up quickly these days and thankfully did not force myself to keep I used to !! Have not totted up the points yet, but pretty confident I havent gone over. Will do it in a min.

I suppose I had another sort of NSV yesterday cousin Jenny and co are completely crazy in the nicest kind of and guess who they managed to drag onto the trampolene.... Moi !!! Yes ME !! Never would I have done that before, and although I couldnt stand up for long because all the kids thought it great to keep bouncing near us, I had such a giggle on there !! Don't think I have laughed so much in ages..........

Heres a few piccys to show you what fun we had x

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Comparison... Oct 07 - Now .... 6 stone gone !

Top picccy is now and bottom piccy was at my heaviest in October 2007.....Im the one in pink ....

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Friday, 3 July 2009

Weigh in day.....and the best week of NSV's

Hiya all ok ?
Do you know what... I think since I started ww back in September 08, this week has been the best week by far. Its been a week of NSV's and has made me smile sooooooo much.
First there was getting into a size 14 !!!!! Its official !!! I have bought a black skirt, a pair of black trousers and those jeans I saw in Select....all in a size 14 !!!!!!! My lovely mum gave me the money bless her !! WOW !! Do you know how good that makes me feel ? Still a 16 up top half, but so happy to be in a 14 from tummy down. It must be pshycological or something...cos thats the last time I remember being happy, really happy :O)
Also the fabbest NSV of all was the look on an ex's face when I saw him in the supermarket as I told you earlier in the week !! That look said it all. He looked like his jaw was going to hit the floor when he saw me !! I cannot even begin to tell you how good that felt.... the very next day...coincidence or what... his daughter is now trying to add me as a friend on facebook !! Think someone has said something to her... hahahah !!
Also another good nsv this week...taking a photograph and actually liking it !! its the one on the right titled July 09..... I usually hate piccys of myself, but this one shows only one chin and sparkly eyes... instead of the bloated 3 chins that I once had !!
And last...but not least my weigh in......wait for it.....another 2lbs off !!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE !!!!! Thats now 67lbs gone !!! Im now 13st 2lb..... !! Im so happy I could burst.....imagine how im gonna feel when I get into the 12's hopefully in the next week or two....I will be bouncing off the walls :O)
Well I'm off now to get my lunch. Hope you are all having a fabby week too and thank you to the lovely people leaving comments on my makes this journey so much nicer when people understand where your coming from.... for that I thank you xxx

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tips I have learnt along the way ........

Im no expert by any means, but I have learnt a few things along the way. I will list what I feel to be the key things to help keep the weight coming off......

1. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to do this. Why it is so important to you. Why you feel bad about yourself now, and how you think you will feel when you have lost some weight. What benefits will there be when you have lost some weight. Write it all down and keep it safe. Look at it whenever you feel your losing your motivation. Helps to keep you on the straight and narrow.

2. Measure yourself before you start. Take measurements from arms, bust, thighs, calves, hips. Write it all down and measure yourself on the 1st of every month to see those inches falling off.

3. Take photos of yourself once a month. See the difference. All helps to spur you on.

4. Set yourself mini goals. 5%, first 7 lbs, 1st stone, 10%, etc, targets for anniversaries, birthdays, christmas. Set yourself small realistic goals that you can achieve easily. Helps to keep you focused.

5. Track absolutely everything. If it goes in your mouth and has a points value, then track it !!! Dont kid yourself that your not eating something when you clearly have. You will only be cheating yourself. You cannot cheat the scales..... they tell the truth !!!

6. Drink between 2-3 litres of water every day. It is so good for weight loss. I always have my best losses when I have drank all my water. It helps to keep skin and hair healthy too , and keeps you regular ;O) .

7. Vary your food . Dont constantly eat the same old foods every day. Your body will get used to it and your metabolism will slow down. Keep it interested !!! Try different foods.

8. Bulk out your meals with plenty of 0 point vegetables. It helps to fill you up without adding extra points.

9. Always stop eating when you are full. Dont force yourself to over eat. If your body is saying thats enough, then listen to it !!!

10. Exercise if you can. Even walking is a fantastic way of losing weight. Its free to do and easy. Push yourself a little further each time. Its amazing how well you can do when you get used to it.

11. Write a blog !! Its a fantastic way of keeping you out of the kitchen and enables you to get all your thoughts down on paper. Follow other peoples blogs and you will see the highs and lows of their journeys and you will be able to gain tips and advice that you may not have even thought about.

12. Go on the ww 5+ boards. The girls (and gents) on there are amazing. They are always there with words of encouragement, advice, and support. They are brill believe me.

During my journey I have virtually cut out bread altogether as I found I wasn't doing very well whilst eating bread. Its optional but it really has worked for me.

You can do this. It is a lifetime plan and a healthy one. There is nothing that is forbidden, thats what I like about weight watchers. If you want it, then have it, but make sure you POINT it !!

Above is what I have been doing since September, and so far have lost 75lbs ! If I can do it, anyone can, and like I said before, look at some of the amazing results of some of the girls on the 5+ board.

Don't give will be back to square one again if you I well know xxx

hows your week going ?.....

Hi's your week going. Hope everyone hasn't melted too much in this glorious sunshine.....its wonderful out there.
I have been having a pretty good week so far. My TOTM arrived Sunday evening , and the older I get, the worse they get....gggrrrrr......I'm coming back as a man !!! Do they realise how lucky they are? They don't have to put up with the dreaded monthlys, their bodies don't blow up like a beach ball when they produce babies, they always have skinny legs, and they never have to worry about unsightly facial hair....cos on them its called designer stubble !!!!!! Im definately coming back as a man !!
Well anyway, been on a high since managing to get the size 14's on in Select the other day. Although I didn't buy them because I can't really afford to go clothes shopping at the moment, its still a great feeling knowing that when I do have some spare cash, that I will be heading for the 14's. In the mean time I will just have to wear my ever "increasingly baggy round the bum" 16's !!
Had another sort of NSV on Monday. Went to my local supermarket where I used to work to get a few bits. Everyone in there can't believe how much weight I have lost. Every time I go in they keep saying I look great, which makes me so happy. I used to be the biggest in there by far, and it's so nice to go in there 6 stone lighter than when I worked in there in January 2008. But by far the biggest NSV was when an ex boyfriend walked in. The look on his face. He looked totally gobsmacked when he saw me !! His face was a picture !!! Needless to say, that just made my day !!
Enjoy your day everyone, will be back to report my weigh in on Friday.....yes , sorry Bryher, I promised I wouldnt but I just can't help it SP said 2 off so far......sooooooo nearly in the 12's !! Let you know Friday the real result . Bye for now everyone xx

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