Friday, 26 March 2010

STS and I love my job's ....oh what a decision :O(

It's been a stressful week this week, and an eventful one !
The scales have stuck at 12st 7 lb this week, so a sts from last week, which Im pleased with. After the disastrous gain of 4 pounds last week, I was not amused to say the least !! I've not been particularly good and I haven't been particularly bad this week, so the result is ok. I seem to be managing this maintaining business extremely well, as I still weigh the same as I did last July !! That would be great if I really was maintaining, but considering I would still love to lose another 2 stone, then I'm really failing miserably right now to lose anymore weight !! However, I am not going above the top line of 12st 7 lb that I have set myself in my mind as being the highest I want to be, so that in itself is some kind of result I suppose. Having said that I am going to try really hard this week and hopefully for the next 5 and a half weeks, as that is when I go on holiday to Zante with the lovely Karon !! If I could manage to lose 7 pounds by then, that would give me a bit of space for *holiday excess* !!
Right, what a week its been on the job front ! Finally, after a lot of thought, I decided to hand my notice in at the Osteopaths, as trying to manage the two jobs was proving to be a bit too much. I love both jobs, so the decision was not easy, but I typed out my notice last Sunday. The reason I decided to leave the Osteopaths, as opposed to the doctors was purely because of the amount of hours I needed, and at the time of typing my notice, I was working 15 hours for the Osteopaths, and 25 hours at the doctors. Feeling slightly relieved at making my decision, although sad too, I go to work as usual at the doctors on Monday, and I have a missed call from my boss at the Osteopaths. Bearing in mind, in my handbag was my written notice to give to him on Tuesday, I ring him back to see what he wanted when I got the opportunity. He was offering me more hours as somebody else had decided to retire !! I was gobsmacked. It was so out of the blue, and I then had to go back to square one and re-think everything. I said to him that I was considering handing in my notice, and he was shocked. He said he wanted to chat to me on the Tuesday. I have now been offered 30 hours work with the Osteopaths. He has given me a pay rise. He has said he will pay me for bank holidays (something which they have never done before), and basically said that I would be running the practice !!!

Why do these things always happen at the same time? I have now had to re-think everything. I love the doctors job, but can I afford to give up this opportunity? The Osteopath hours will fit in better with my children, including flexible hours on Fridays. Looks like Im going to be ripping my notice up for the Osteopaths and writing one out for the doctors now....AAAaaarrrggghhhh !!! I love both jobs , but there simply is not two of me to do them :O( ........ HELP !!!

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Sunday, 21 March 2010


Another weekend, and yet again I'm over points by about 12. I really seem to be struggling at the moment. I have 2 or 3 angelic days, and 3 or 4 BAD days each week, and its really starting to get me down. Why am I finding this so difficult right now? I'm eating things that I know are so bad for me, but I just dont seem to be able to say no. Even my mum is not helping !! Took her food shopping yesterday, and when we got back she gave me two crusty rolls with lashings of butter on, ham and turkey, and 2 fresh cream cakes to follow ! This time last year I would have refused, but now my willpower seems to be right out the window. I did feel so bad after I ate it though, that I had a 0 point salad for dinner and went for a 40 minute walk, but that's just a little like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. What am I going to do ...ggggrrrrrrrrrrr........ swift kick up backside I think !

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Friday, 19 March 2010

Am I being unreasonable ?.....

Opinions please guys....

I have just read on facebook that my eldest daughter Kirsty (19) is trying for a baby with her partner that she has been with since November. Sorry if Im being a tad sensitive here, but wouldn't it have been nice to hear it face to face rather than splashed across facebook? I feel sad. I feel like Im the last to know anything.

Kirsty lives at her Dads house which is just around the corner from me, literally about 200 yds away. We had a lot of fallings out when she was 17 and she decided to live with him. Since then, I thought we were getting on great. We see each other a couple of times a week, we met up at a night-club in December, we went for a meal only on Mothers Day with her new man, but yet I have to find this rather big bit of news out on facebook !

When she met this chap, I was rather concerned. He is 37, has two children of 12 and 14, and bearing in mind my daughter only turned 19 only 3 weeks ago, (she was 18 when they met), I think I was right to be concerned. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, invited him round and he seems very nice. But now this ? Surely, as he is almost my age , wouldn't he see that blasting this over facebook instead of perhaps just mentioning it over a cuppa with me , would have been nicer....

Am I right to feel hurt ? Or am I over-reacting ?..... I wonder if they would tell me when the baby is born, or would I have to find that out on facebook aswell !!!


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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Back to work .... more ways than one !
After having 11 days off work with my huge infected cyst on my back, then operation to remove it, and having a 6cm deep hole in my back, and having to have it dressed twice a week for at least the next 3 weeks, I have decided to return to work tomorrow. I work as a doctor's receptionist, and anyone who knows what a doctors surgery is like on a Monday morning, I felt it would be wise to ease in gently on a Friday morning, instead of mad-Monday ! After all, I have only been working there for 2 months, and have probably forgotten everything I was taught anyway !!
Before the op, I was running around like a mad thing between my two jobs, working literally from 8.30 in the morning, then a couple of hours in the middle for lunch and then off to my second job until 8.00pm. (I also work as an Osteopath's receptionist too), but now I'm finding it hard enough to find the enthusiasm to do the one job, let alone two ! So right now, feeling very tired, and wishing I didn't have to go.......
Diet wise = 4 bad days = 3 good days === massive gain for tomorrows weigh in. Sneaky peak looking DISASTROUS !!! So back to work in this respect too.

Not feeling to chirpy right now .....

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung !!...............

Its an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning this morning, and has got me in the mood for spring cleaning. I want to clean everything, sort cupboards out, re-vamp my wardrobe, and throw old things out !!
My bedroom is the focus for my attack, and in fact the whole room needs decorating ! I already have a brand new carpet for the room, which never got put down last autumn, and has been left rolled up in the shed covered in plastic. The room needs painting too.... so much to do!! The house is up for sale so don't want to pay too much to have it done, so looks like a trip to homebase for some cheap paint, just to give it a new lease of life. Its probably the worst room in the house and hasn't been done for years..... the only trouble is....Im still signed off work with my dodgey hole in my back, and hubby hates decorating !! Anyone out there a keen decorator... lol :O)

Looking forward to tomorrow. My new furniture arrives for the front room. A 4 seater settee and a 2 seater settee ....nearly had a panic attack on the weekend. We looked the suite up on the DFS website just to check the dimensions, and we found out that it is rather larger than we thought ! Needless to say, we have now had to change the room around, and we still havent finished. I have to abandon my lovely computer table as it is far too big and just will not fit with the new settees in the room, so that is being banished to my daughter,s bedroom to be used as a dressing table. My computer is now sitting on the telephone table in the front room and its rather small to say the least !! Oh well , needs must and all that. Note to self... the next time I purchase furniture, check dimensions in shop !!! :O/ !

Off to continue with sorting out the rubbish in my bedroom ...... I may be some time :O( .... x x x

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day....

I hope all you lovely Mums out there have had a very Happy Mothers Day. I for one have had a lovely day. I had a delicious breakfast cooked for me and delivered to my bed. Lovely prezzies of keyring, teddy and Boyzone CD :o). And finally, but not least, taken out for a lovely meal tonight by Kirsty and Mark, (My eldest daughter and boyfriend). So a huge thank you to everyone. I feel thoroughly spoilt :O))

I have eaten far toooooooo much over the last 3 days. Friday evening , hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful meal cooked for us by the lovely Karon. We enjoyed the evening very much. Karon and Russ are great company and I really look forward to returning the compliment in a few weeks time. So thank you Karon for all your hard work. I then stuffed myself again on Saturday, and tonight I feel positively huge after my meal out !!! I really must get back on track again in the morning... I am sitting here with belly hanging over jeans and it really isn't a pretty sight !!!!!!!!!

Back to the grind tomorrow ......
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Friday, 12 March 2010

Decisions, decisions ....

Friday is here again, and the scales have just stuck at 12st 3 lb all week !! Thats ok I suppose, but I really have been saintly food wise, so I was maybe hoping for a little tincy wincy bit off, but hey, considering the healing "bullet hole" in my back and limited amount of movement, I suppose a STS should be welcomed.

I have been off sick this week with the "bullet hole" , having to have it dressed twice a week which is extremely uncomfortable to say the least. When I went yesterday to see the nurse to have it dressed again, she recommended another week off work. Although part of me is happy at the thought of being off, I find too much time on my hands can be as daunting as too little time on my hands! Does that make sense? I find I think too much about my life situation and find too many faults and end up wanting to change everything !! Hold on tight kids, you may be put up for adoption !! .... no seriously .... I wouldn't change the girls !! :O/ .... but I am thinking of ending my job at the Osteopaths .... for many reasons, .... but is it just the state of mind Im in?... or should I do it? Perhaps I should wait and see how I feel when Im better . Don't want to do anything rash and regret it afterwards...... I just don't know ... decisions, decisions .....

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight. The lovely Karon and her partner Russ, have invited hubby and me to dinner at their house. Karon's cooking so Im sure its going to be awsome :OP ...... see you tonight Karon :O) x

Right Im off now. I hope you have a lovely weekend guys. What have you all got planned? Don't forget your mothers on Mothers Day this Sunday..... I think Im having breakfast in bed cooked for me ... yummmmmm.... and also being taken out for a meal later on....looking forward to all of that !! Have fun, be good, and I will catch up with you again very soon... especially now that I have sooooooooooo much time on my hands !! x

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Look what I found !!

With time on my hands, I decided to sort out my bedroom drawers today, which badly needed doing. Im feeling the urge to spring clean, but limited to how much I can do with my dodgey back :O/ ....

Anyway, I took one drawer at a time, and emptied the contents on the bed, when I came across a newspaper snippet which was all about me when I reached my ww goal 7 years ago !! This picture is of me and my eldest daughter Kirsty (aged 12) wearing a skirt which I had quite easily fitted into on my own before I lost nearly 7 stone !!

Please excuse the dodgey hair !!! lol x
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Feeling positive ........ (at last !!)

Hi guys

Im signed off work this week due to the op on my back last week, so I have some time to do the things I want to do (within reason with a hole in my back :O/ ) . So here I am , in blogland !! YAY !!

Its nice to have a bit of time to call my own, to do what I like, although it was typical this morning .... signed off work and what happens ??.... NO INTERNET !!! Grrr... fault on the line so all morning without my beloved facebook, blogland, ww site, etc, etc, ...... anyway its back now, and Im a happy bunny again :O) .

Anyway, my back is healing ok. Had the dressing re-done yesterday and all is looking well according to the nurse. After my dressing on Friday, I felt awful, came home and in the afternoon ended up fainting for the first time ever !!. Thankfully , feeling a lot brighter now and can move around a lot more, although I keep getting nagged at to take it easy from hubby and girls ... bless them !! Thank you all for the lovely get well wishes I received, they were very greatly appreciated :O) ...

Ive been enjoying catching up with your blogs. Whilst I am here I would like to send my wishes to Emily, Sheilagh's grandaughter who has been going through a very worrying and tough time of late. Poor little poppet. I do hope your recovery Emily is a speedy one x

On the weight side of things, Im really feeling in control ... at last!! Im enjoying healthy foods again, and hoping I will be rewarded with another loss on Friday.... fingers crossed. Of course I will let you know.

Ok so Im off to try and find something good on day time TV ..... what a joke !! Surely there must be something good on one of these channels ??!! I have nearly 1000 channels for goodness sake !! I live in hope....

Will catch up with you all very soon, and if anyone knows of any good TV channels, then please let me know ;O) x

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