Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung !!...............

Its an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning this morning, and has got me in the mood for spring cleaning. I want to clean everything, sort cupboards out, re-vamp my wardrobe, and throw old things out !!
My bedroom is the focus for my attack, and in fact the whole room needs decorating ! I already have a brand new carpet for the room, which never got put down last autumn, and has been left rolled up in the shed covered in plastic. The room needs painting too.... so much to do!! The house is up for sale so don't want to pay too much to have it done, so looks like a trip to homebase for some cheap paint, just to give it a new lease of life. Its probably the worst room in the house and hasn't been done for years..... the only trouble is....Im still signed off work with my dodgey hole in my back, and hubby hates decorating !! Anyone out there a keen decorator... lol :O)

Looking forward to tomorrow. My new furniture arrives for the front room. A 4 seater settee and a 2 seater settee ....nearly had a panic attack on the weekend. We looked the suite up on the DFS website just to check the dimensions, and we found out that it is rather larger than we thought ! Needless to say, we have now had to change the room around, and we still havent finished. I have to abandon my lovely computer table as it is far too big and just will not fit with the new settees in the room, so that is being banished to my daughter,s bedroom to be used as a dressing table. My computer is now sitting on the telephone table in the front room and its rather small to say the least !! Oh well , needs must and all that. Note to self... the next time I purchase furniture, check dimensions in shop !!! :O/ !

Off to continue with sorting out the rubbish in my bedroom ...... I may be some time :O( .... x x x

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  1. I'm glad someone's full of energy! Send some over to me, please! If you don't post again tomorrow I'll send in a search and rescue party. lol

  2. It's gorgeous here today, too. The cats are runnning all over the house. Must be sitting well with them, too.