Friday, 27 November 2009

So near, yet so far..........

Another Friday has come round yet again.... these weeks are just flying by. Its weigh in day today, and after my rather premature celebration last weekend of dipping into the 11's on Saturday for just a brief while... (obviously purely down to dehydration from my vodka intake Friday night) Im afraid to say that Im back up to 12st ... :O( .... Having said that, I have still lost 1 pound since my last official weigh in last Friday. So in that respect, I should be happy...well sort of...still want to be in the blooming 11's though...but hey...maybe next week ......if I chop my leg off perhaps :O/ ....

Im beginning to wonder if I will every get in and stay in the 11's now. My body is just not letting it happen. Maybe I have reached the stage where my body wants to be. I would dearly love to be 11 stone, but maybe I should just start thinking how far I have come. Ive lost 96 pounds in total, which Im sooooooo happy with. I feel better. I look better. So why am I itching to lose another stone? Im not even going to attempt to get back to weight watchers goal weight, I would have to be 9st 11 pounds for my height, and the last time I got there, I looked so thin, and Im now 7 years older than I was then, so dont really think it would do me any favours to look like that now. So yes 11 stone I would like to be, and I will keep plugging away, but there is a little voice in my head saying to me that I dont look too bad, so as long as I dont gain anymore weight, then maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself. Thats the theory anyway, just have to put it into practice now, and see what happens.

Its been a busy old week. Done an extra days work this week as overtime, and Im doing the same next week. The extra money will certainly come in handy for christmas and the pending move in the new year. My house is now officially up for sale and we have our very first viewers coming to look at it tomorrow afternoon at 2pm....eeeeeeeekkk. It sounds quietly promising. Even before any pictures were put on the estate agents internet, these people, that already live in the same town, saw that it was soon to become available, and they wanted to view it! Hopefully that is a good sign. They already know the town, the area, the street in which I live, and want a bigger all in all, looking positive. I will keep you posted. I had the sad news this week that the little bungalow I was after has been sold :O( ............. however, I dont let the grass grow under my feet, and have two other properties to look at tomorrow. One at 10 am , and the other at 11 am.... its a good job they are not too far apart...only about 10 minutes maximum, so should be able to do both. So looking forward to it and quite excited about the prospect of it all happening. So watch this space.

Finally before I leave you all, I met up with the lovely Karon again for lunch today at prezzos. Another really scrummy dinner we had....far too much of it though !!! . She is such a lovely person. The little darling bought me a whole range of weight watcher products for me to try, and some lovely low fat sausages that look scrummy...cant wait to try them all. Thank you hunnie, your an angel. Looking forward to our night out ;O) ....

So thats it for now folks. Hope your all doing ok. I have seen a few down beat blogs lately. Hope your all feeling a bit better or happier now. I also want to wish Sarah from a speedy recovery in hospital . Take care everyone. Bye for now x x x

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Its been a lovely weekend .....

It has been a lovely weekend. Went out with hubby on Friday night and had a few vodka's :) .....and then on Saturday found out I had reached my 7 stone off (although this may be due to dehydration from Friday night !! :O/) ...also put christmas deco's up on Saturday , and today have been to see my lovely cousin Jenny, her hubby Stu and their son James...... a lovely weekend :O) x x x

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Last !!!! :O))))))))))))))) the 11's x

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo !!!
AT LAST !!!! In the 11's ....... I Said the 11's !!!!!!!!!! In fact...not just in the 11's.... Im 11st 12 lb !!!!!
I cant believe it !!! After struggling for weeks, the scales have finally dipped into the 11's .... YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to tell you all ....... Have now lost exactly 7 stone aswell..... so happy x
Happy, happy ..... it better bloody stay like that til next Friday at weigh in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubby took this piccy ....... :O)))))))))))))) x x x

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Friday, 20 November 2009

Two steps forward and one step back ..... :O(

Thats how I feel today. Weight has gone up by a pound YET AGAIN !!! Back to 12st 1 lb ....gggggrrrrrrrrrrr...... when will I ever get into those bloody 11's ???

Getting really fed up with this yo-yoing. I gain, I lose, I gain..... its a viscious circle. Its so annoying especially on the weeks where you really know you have stuck to plan 100% like this week.

To make me even more fed up, I have just looked back on my weigh in results and found that I actually got into the 12 stones on July 17th ..... 4 months later Im still in them .... :O(

I have also realised I have missed my next target to get into the 11's by the 1st November..... 3 weeks overdue and still not there.... ho hum ..... :O( ....... will now set that target back to December 8th (my birthday). This gives me another 2 and a half weeks to get there. So badly want to get into the 11's, its a head thing really, phsycologically it will make me feel fantastic....

So for now, back to the grindstone ....... watch this space .... x

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ok so I'm halfway through my week with ww. Ive been very good. Pointed everything. Drank loads of water. Even did a very long walk on Sunday which is the first in many weeks..... so why oh why are the scales showing a 2lb gain ...?? It did this to me last week....then luckily, come weigh day, it sorted itself....and I lost a pound.
Yes I know I shouldn't SP, but I can't help it. It somehow keeps me on the straight and narrow. But I must admit, on weeks like this, when I know Ive been 100% with everything, it does feel like a kick in the teeth for the scales to be going in the wrong direction..... I can only hope, that again this week, they sort themselves out for weigh day ...all I need is half a pound and I will be in the 11's .................

On a much lighter note..... I have eventually decided to put the house up for sale..... my little bungalow may become a reality after all ... :O_) watch this space x x x

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Sunday, 15 November 2009


I swear if my husband moans at me one more time this weekend, I will kill him !!!!!

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Up at 3.45am on a Saturday morning.... WTF ?

Why is it, whenever I have a bad nights sleep, its always on the blooming weekend when I should be having a lay in !! How annoying is that !! Woke up for a pee at 3.45 this morning and could I get back to sleep? Could I f*ck !! So here I am in my little virtual world of blogland.... where I love to be with my thoughts that I only share with you guys.

There is a lot going round in my head at the moment. Im on the verge of placing my house up for sale.... Ive lived in it for 19 years, reared my 3 beautiful daughters in it, but yet, I feel its time to move on.... so why is it the idea makes me tearful, excited, worried, happy.... :O/ ..........??? Ive been wanting to move for a while now....Oh what to do ! You see, Ive fallen in love with a bungalow, about 10 minutes away from here, and yes we can afford it. There are 3 other couples interested in it aswell, so its now a race to sell all our properties and place a decent offer. Do I, don't I, Do I, don't I ..........

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Another pound bites the dust !

Well the title says it all, but how did that happen !! All week the dreaded SP's were saying that I had gained a pound, so being ultra careful had a really light tea last night, jumped on the scales this morning and woooooo hoooooo a pound lost !! YAY !! Bang on 12st now............. hopefully dipping my toes in the 11's next week.

I had been really good and in control all week. My time occupied by cleaning the house from top to bottom, instead of lurking in the kitchen. I have a valuer coming to value my house in about half an hours time. Fingers crossed he says what I want him to say :>) ........... the good thing is the house is sparkling and I must have certainly earnt a few BP's all week.... and further more the girls bedrooms look like bedrooms now instead of the local dumping ground !!!!!!! YAY !! So if all else fails, at least I have a clean house.

Work is taking a turn for the better. My boss had a word with me , and wants me to take over the marketing side of the company. He has also said that he wants to start training me up to take over as Practice Manager when Patricia retires in a couple of years..... eeeeeeeekkkkkk...... promotion !! Just hope it doesn't put other peoples noses out of place that have been there a lot longer than me !! Looking forward to taking on extra responsibility.... so watch this space.

All in all, a successful week. Just need a good valuation on the house, and I will be a happy bunny. I have my lovely niece Joanne coming round tonight to go through some old piccys. She is sorting out a personalised calendar for mum for christmas...... it will be nice to catch up with her x
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Weekly weigh in results....

I decided to start losing weight in January 2008 when I weighed 18st 12lb.
Only the odd pound or two came off and I had lost 13 pounds by the beginning of September . I knew it should
have been coming off quicker than that So I joined ww on September 15th 2008
weighing 17st 13lb......

The figures in blue are what I have lost since Sept 08, the figures in green are the overall amount including the 13lb I lost since January 08 ........

START WW September 15th 2008 - 17st 13lbs BMI 46 !!
WK 1 September 22nd 2008 - 17st 7lbs - 6 = -6lbs
WK 2 September 29th 2008 - 17st 4lbs -3 = -9lbs
WK 3 October 6th 2008 - 17st 3lbs -1 = -10lbs
WK4October13th2008-17st0lb-=-3=-13lbs(5%gone) WK5October20th2008-16st12lbs-2=-15lbs (1st 13lb)
WK 6 October 27th 2008 - 16st 9lbs -3 = -18lbs
WK 7 November 3rd 2008 - 16st 5lbs -4 = -22lbs
WK 8 November 10th 2008 - 16st 5lbs -0 = -22lbs
WK 9 November 17th 2008 - 16st 3lbs -2 = -24lbs
WK 10 November 24th 2008 - 16st 0lbs -3 = -27lbs (10% gone)
WK 11 December 1st 2008 - 16st 3lbs +3 = -24lbs (IRELAND)
WK 12 December 5th 2008 - 15st 13lbs -4 = -28lbs (2 stone gone) (2st 13lbs)
WK 13 December 12th 2008 - 15st 12lbs -1 = -29lbs
WK 14 December 19th 2008 - 15st 11lbs -1 = -30lbs
WK 15 December 24th 2008 - 15st 7lbs -4 = -34lbs
WK 16 January 2nd 2009 - 15st 6lbs -1 = -35lbs
WK 17 January 9th 2009 - 15st 5lbs -1 = -36lbs
WK 18 January 16th 2009 - 15st 4.5lbs -.5 = -36.5lbs
WK 19 January 23rd 2009 - 15st 2lbs -2.5 = -39lbs
WK 20 January 30th 2009 - 15st 0lbs -2 = -41lbs
WK 21 February 6th 2009 - 15st 1lb +1 = -40lbs
WK 22 February 13th 2009 - 14st 12lbs -3 = -43lbs ( 3st 13lbs)
WK 23 February 20th 2009 - 15st 0lb +2 = -41lbs
WK 24 February 27th 2009 - 14st 11lb -3 = -44lbs
WK 25 March 6th 2009 - 14st 9lb -2 = -46lbs
WK 26 March 13th 2009 - 14st 7lb -2 = -48lbs
WK 27 March 20th 2009 - 14st 6lb -1 = -49lbs
WK 28 March 27th 2009 - 14st 4.5lb -1.5 = -50.5lbs
WK 29 April 3rd 2009 - 14st 1lb - 3.5 =-54lbs BMI 36 (20%)
WK 30 April 10th 2009 - 13st 13lb -2 = -56lbs 4 stone ( 4st 13lbs)
WK 31 April 17th 2009 - 14st 0lb +1 = -55lbs
WK 32 April 24th 2009 - 13st 12lb -2 = -57lbs
WK 33 May 1st 2009 - 13st 10lb -2 = -59lbs
WK 34 May 8th 2009 - 13st 11lb +1 = -58lbs
WK 35 May 15th 2009 - 13st 9lb -2 = -60lbs
WK 36 May 22nd 2009 - 13st 9lb STS = -60lbs
WK 37 May 29th 2009 - 13st 6lb -3 = -63lbs
WK 38 June 5th 2009 - 13st 8lb +2 = -61lbs
WK 39 June 12th 2009 - 13st 5lb -3 = -64lbs
WK 40 June 19th 2009 - 13st 3lb -2 = -66lbs
WK 41 June 26th 2009 - 13st 4lb +1 = -65lbs
WK 42 July 3rd 2009 - 13st 2lb -2 = -67lbs
WK 43 July 10th 2009 - 13st 0lb -2 = -69lbs

WK 44 July 17th 2009 - 12st 13lb -1 = - 70lbs 5 STONE !! (5st 13lb)
WK 45 July 24th 2009 - 12st 13lb STS = -70lbs
WK 46 July 31st 2009 - 12st 13lb STS = -70lbs BMI 33
WK 47 August 7th 2009 - 12st 12lb -1 = - 71 lbs
WK 48 August 14th 2009 - 12st 8 lb -4 = - 75 lbs 75 lbs !! ( 88 lbs)
WK 49 August 21st 2009 - 12st 9 lb +1 = -74 lbs
WK 50 August 28th 2009 - 12st 7 lb - 2 = -76 lbs
WK 51 September 4th 2009 - 12st 7lb STS = -76lbs
WK52 September 11th 2009 - 12st 5lb -2 = - 78 lbs
WK 53 September 18th 2009 -12st 7lb +2 = -76 lbs ( 89 lbs)
WK 54 September 25th 2009 - 12st 6lb -1 = -77 lbs
WK 55 October 2nd 2009 - 12st 5 lb - 1 = -78 lbs (91 lbs)
WK 56 October 9th 2009 - 12st 4lb - 1 = -79 lbs
WK 57 October 16th 2009 - 12st 5lb + 1 = - 78 lbs
WK 58 October 23rd 2009 - 12st 4lb -1 = -79 lbs
WK 59 October 30th 2009 - 12st 4lb STS = -79lbs
WK 60 November 6th 2009 - 12st 1lb -3 = -82lbs... (95lbs)
WK 61 November 13th 2009 - 12st 0lb -1 = -83lbs..
WK 62 November 20th 2009 - 12st 1lb +1 = -82lbs
WK 63 November 27th 2009 - 12st 0lb -1 = -83lbs
WK 64 December 4th 2009 - 11st 13 lb -1 = - 84lbs (97lbs)
WK 65 December 11th 2009 - 12st 2 lb +3 = -81lbs (94lbs)

Friday, 6 November 2009


I lost a whopping 3 lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im now 12st 1 lb ....... :O)))

Over the blooming moon :O))))))...... *does a little dance around the living room, runs up the stairs and jumps from the top......OUCH! * ..... ;O))

Yippeee - de - do - dah !!!! Can you tell Im happy ?!!!

I was invited to my daughters school for dinner yesterday. Knowing it was weigh day this morning, I was nervous about it, but went anyway. I had a roast chicken dinner, and for afters.... chocolate crunch and custard... how could I refuse ?? So I had that and still managed to lose my staggering 3lbs !!! AND Ive got my TOTM aswell !!! Wow to say Im pleased is putting it mildly x x x x
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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

nervous .... excited.... nervous.... excited....

Oooooooohhhhh.... Im nervous and excited and trying to stay calm. I think Ive found a 3 bedroom bungalow that we can afford :) ........ went to view it last night and its llllooooovvvvveeeeeelllllyyyyyyy !!!!! Must keep my feet on the ground !!x

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Sunday, 1 November 2009

what a brill weekend :O) ....

Hi guys...

Feeling really happy today. Ive had a lovely weekend. Firstly Friday I met up for lunch with the lovely Karon. We went to Prezzo this time, which was lovely. We shared a garlic bread for starters and had a lovely meal... I think it was called pollo siciania ??!! Grilled chicken breast, with tomatoes, pancetta, and cheese over the top.... delicious !! This was served with gratinated potatoes...potatoes in more cheese....ooooops !! And there was me moaning about my weight on Friday !! Must try harder !! It really was delicious, and have pointed it at around 13, but not sure if thats right .. :O/.....if anyone knows any different, I would really appreciate it . It was lovely seeing Karon again, we always natter for a few hours, but it never seems enough time. Looking forward to the next time x

So Saturday was halloween if you hadn't noticed ! As explained earlier, I was going out as a witch with a group of friends from my local pub..... oh boy !! What a night !! Didnt end up going home til 2 in the morning with hubby, ever so slightly rat-arsed :) ...... sang my little heart out on the karaoke, danced til I dropped, and discovered I can still do the splits !!! WTF !!! .... what a giggle. A great night was had by all. Hope you like the piccy's ...x
All in all .... a lovely weekend... hope you all had a great weekend too. For the first time in ages, I feel good x x

P.s..... I had a naughty SP on Saturday morning, the scales said 12st 2 !! Yay !!... this morning (Sunday) they said 12st 1lb.... YAY !! I know its not set in stone until Friday, and I realise the drop today is probably due to dehydration from my night out, but the Saturday morning SP at 12st 2lb a loss of 2 pounds.... fingers crossed it stays like that x x x
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