Sunday, 1 November 2009

what a brill weekend :O) ....

Hi guys...

Feeling really happy today. Ive had a lovely weekend. Firstly Friday I met up for lunch with the lovely Karon. We went to Prezzo this time, which was lovely. We shared a garlic bread for starters and had a lovely meal... I think it was called pollo siciania ??!! Grilled chicken breast, with tomatoes, pancetta, and cheese over the top.... delicious !! This was served with gratinated potatoes...potatoes in more cheese....ooooops !! And there was me moaning about my weight on Friday !! Must try harder !! It really was delicious, and have pointed it at around 13, but not sure if thats right .. :O/.....if anyone knows any different, I would really appreciate it . It was lovely seeing Karon again, we always natter for a few hours, but it never seems enough time. Looking forward to the next time x

So Saturday was halloween if you hadn't noticed ! As explained earlier, I was going out as a witch with a group of friends from my local pub..... oh boy !! What a night !! Didnt end up going home til 2 in the morning with hubby, ever so slightly rat-arsed :) ...... sang my little heart out on the karaoke, danced til I dropped, and discovered I can still do the splits !!! WTF !!! .... what a giggle. A great night was had by all. Hope you like the piccy's ...x
All in all .... a lovely weekend... hope you all had a great weekend too. For the first time in ages, I feel good x x

P.s..... I had a naughty SP on Saturday morning, the scales said 12st 2 !! Yay !!... this morning (Sunday) they said 12st 1lb.... YAY !! I know its not set in stone until Friday, and I realise the drop today is probably due to dehydration from my night out, but the Saturday morning SP at 12st 2lb a loss of 2 pounds.... fingers crossed it stays like that x x x
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  1. Looks like you had a riot! I'm amazed that you can do the splits. How awesome is that?! I'd take my hat off to you if I could ever find one that fit. :D
    Good news from the SPs. You'll work hard to set it in stone this week, won't you? Promise?