Friday, 27 November 2009

So near, yet so far..........

Another Friday has come round yet again.... these weeks are just flying by. Its weigh in day today, and after my rather premature celebration last weekend of dipping into the 11's on Saturday for just a brief while... (obviously purely down to dehydration from my vodka intake Friday night) Im afraid to say that Im back up to 12st ... :O( .... Having said that, I have still lost 1 pound since my last official weigh in last Friday. So in that respect, I should be happy...well sort of...still want to be in the blooming 11's though...but hey...maybe next week ......if I chop my leg off perhaps :O/ ....

Im beginning to wonder if I will every get in and stay in the 11's now. My body is just not letting it happen. Maybe I have reached the stage where my body wants to be. I would dearly love to be 11 stone, but maybe I should just start thinking how far I have come. Ive lost 96 pounds in total, which Im sooooooo happy with. I feel better. I look better. So why am I itching to lose another stone? Im not even going to attempt to get back to weight watchers goal weight, I would have to be 9st 11 pounds for my height, and the last time I got there, I looked so thin, and Im now 7 years older than I was then, so dont really think it would do me any favours to look like that now. So yes 11 stone I would like to be, and I will keep plugging away, but there is a little voice in my head saying to me that I dont look too bad, so as long as I dont gain anymore weight, then maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself. Thats the theory anyway, just have to put it into practice now, and see what happens.

Its been a busy old week. Done an extra days work this week as overtime, and Im doing the same next week. The extra money will certainly come in handy for christmas and the pending move in the new year. My house is now officially up for sale and we have our very first viewers coming to look at it tomorrow afternoon at 2pm....eeeeeeeekkk. It sounds quietly promising. Even before any pictures were put on the estate agents internet, these people, that already live in the same town, saw that it was soon to become available, and they wanted to view it! Hopefully that is a good sign. They already know the town, the area, the street in which I live, and want a bigger all in all, looking positive. I will keep you posted. I had the sad news this week that the little bungalow I was after has been sold :O( ............. however, I dont let the grass grow under my feet, and have two other properties to look at tomorrow. One at 10 am , and the other at 11 am.... its a good job they are not too far apart...only about 10 minutes maximum, so should be able to do both. So looking forward to it and quite excited about the prospect of it all happening. So watch this space.

Finally before I leave you all, I met up with the lovely Karon again for lunch today at prezzos. Another really scrummy dinner we had....far too much of it though !!! . She is such a lovely person. The little darling bought me a whole range of weight watcher products for me to try, and some lovely low fat sausages that look scrummy...cant wait to try them all. Thank you hunnie, your an angel. Looking forward to our night out ;O) ....

So thats it for now folks. Hope your all doing ok. I have seen a few down beat blogs lately. Hope your all feeling a bit better or happier now. I also want to wish Sarah from a speedy recovery in hospital . Take care everyone. Bye for now x x x

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  1. Hiya sweetheart. It sounds as though you may of hit a bit of a plateau. It'll move again soon. It's just taking it's time. That little voice in your head is right, you're looking bloody brilliant lady.
    I had a lovely time at lunch. Food was good and the company was fantastic. Enjoy your goodies. Can't wait for our evening out ;o) xxx

  2. yeah think she may be right when u get soo close to something it always slows down but stick with it! maybe up the exercise even carry a big pic of you every where so if you have a crap morning or evening get it out and see how far you come!
    you have done amazing though hun!!

    oh your tree looks amazing :) i,ve got mine up but its all naked at the mo lol


  3. Hey check us out. Get involved with something fun:)

  4. Why do the scales taunt us like this when we are near a special number?

    I am sure that by sticking with it, you will get there!