Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ok so I'm halfway through my week with ww. Ive been very good. Pointed everything. Drank loads of water. Even did a very long walk on Sunday which is the first in many weeks..... so why oh why are the scales showing a 2lb gain ...?? It did this to me last week....then luckily, come weigh day, it sorted itself....and I lost a pound.
Yes I know I shouldn't SP, but I can't help it. It somehow keeps me on the straight and narrow. But I must admit, on weeks like this, when I know Ive been 100% with everything, it does feel like a kick in the teeth for the scales to be going in the wrong direction..... I can only hope, that again this week, they sort themselves out for weigh day ...all I need is half a pound and I will be in the 11's .................

On a much lighter note..... I have eventually decided to put the house up for sale..... my little bungalow may become a reality after all ... :O_).....so watch this space x x x

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  1. Oh god, now i know we shouldn't sp and this is the reason why.
    Not saying i don't do it but i never take much notice, this week i have lost as much as 5lbs, another morning it was 3.5, this morning it's 2lbs, i wonder what it will actualy be tomorrow on WI day? Lol, kinda worrying it's going down yet i have been an angel!

  2. we wouldnt be human if we didnt torture ourselves i weigh every day! so i know how you feel and i know now my scaqles are 1 pound heavier then ww ones

    good luck for friday hun sure it will be all ok your doing so well

  3. I'm one of those odd ducks who never uses a scale. As long as you keep up good habits, that's what's important.