Friday, 13 November 2009

Another pound bites the dust !

Well the title says it all, but how did that happen !! All week the dreaded SP's were saying that I had gained a pound, so being ultra careful had a really light tea last night, jumped on the scales this morning and woooooo hoooooo a pound lost !! YAY !! Bang on 12st now............. hopefully dipping my toes in the 11's next week.

I had been really good and in control all week. My time occupied by cleaning the house from top to bottom, instead of lurking in the kitchen. I have a valuer coming to value my house in about half an hours time. Fingers crossed he says what I want him to say :>) ........... the good thing is the house is sparkling and I must have certainly earnt a few BP's all week.... and further more the girls bedrooms look like bedrooms now instead of the local dumping ground !!!!!!! YAY !! So if all else fails, at least I have a clean house.

Work is taking a turn for the better. My boss had a word with me , and wants me to take over the marketing side of the company. He has also said that he wants to start training me up to take over as Practice Manager when Patricia retires in a couple of years..... eeeeeeeekkkkkk...... promotion !! Just hope it doesn't put other peoples noses out of place that have been there a lot longer than me !! Looking forward to taking on extra responsibility.... so watch this space.

All in all, a successful week. Just need a good valuation on the house, and I will be a happy bunny. I have my lovely niece Joanne coming round tonight to go through some old piccys. She is sorting out a personalised calendar for mum for christmas...... it will be nice to catch up with her x
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  1. Down a pound and a clean house! It doesn't get better than that. Congratulations.

  2. Go Tina, go Tina, Go Tina. woooooooooohoooo. Just 1/2lb off the 11's. Brillaint hunny. Fingers crossed the valuation goes well.
    See you soon xxx

  3. you are doing great! dont question the loss just go with it, you earned it :)

  4. You look fantastic in your pictures!

    congrats on the pound lost and the promotion. Wooot!