Sunday, 25 April 2010

Im impressed !.....

Well considering I wasn't holding out much hope for WI this week, as social events coming thick and fast, I must say I am very impressed to have lost 1 pound !!
Last Friday (16th) was my daughters birthday and we went for a meal that evening which was my last weigh in day prior to this one just gone. I opted for cod and chips, I just had an urge to have cod and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then on the Saturday (17th) we had the lovely Karon and her partner Russ come round for dinner. For starters we had leek and potato soup, with warm baguettes. For mains we had roast beef , yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, green beans, swede, peas, carrots, and gravy. Then for dessert there were several ww options available and also a fresh fruit salad, but we were rather naughty and opted for strawberry gateaux !! Yummmmmm.... . Then on Tuesday I went for a meal with the Osteopaths and receptionists where I work as someone was retiring. The meal was delicious. I had salad lyonnaise which basically was poached egg on salad leaves with bacon bits and garlic croutons. For mains I opted for chicken breast topped with a sliced tomato and a sprinkling of cheese and it was all laying on dolphinoise potatoes. And for dessert I shared a mint chocolate cheesecake and an amaretto mousse ....absolutely devine !!! The evening was lovely. So to have lost a pound after all of this, Im very happy with that. That takes me back down to 12st 5 lb. That is two losses in a row now, could I possibly make it 3 I wonder ?
Yesterday was lovely. Karon and I went last minute holiday shopping !! We went to Matalan and spent 3 hrs .... yes I said 3 HRS in there !! Retail therapy is sooooooooo good for you, I must do it again soon !! I spent too much, but I did end up buying some lovely things for the holiday. I think Karon was very impressed as she had never been to Matalan before. Looking forward to next time :O)....

Last night I was out again with my friends Tracy and Georgina. We went to a charity darts night, and had such a giggle. We had to get paired up with a member of the opposite sex. Our names were pulled out of a box and I ended up with a nice man called Andy ;O) , and Im delighted to say we got into the FINAL !!!! Yay !!! Unfortunately we didn't win the final, but were presented with a prezzy, and had a great time. I came home at nearly 1 o clock in the morning with armfulls of raffle prizes. Tin of roses chocolates, bottle of Amaretto, Bottle of wine, Box of crackers for cheese, smellies ....the list goes on !! A great night was had by all !! Im sooooooo loving my social life right now. It couldn't be better ! Never have I had a social life as busy as this, and its brill.

Well its 9 days now til my holiday in Zante with say I am excited is putting it mildly... I can't wait !!! I am sooooo ready to be lazing around doing absolutely nothing on a sunbed in the heat with an Ouzo in my hand !!! Roll on 4th May :o) ....

Well thats enough from me now. Have a good day guys. Catch ya all soon ...... X

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Its 2am in the morning, and yet again, I can't sleep. Im shattered, but I have so much on my mind with work, that I either can't sleep or when I do sleep, I end up dreaming about work !!! AAarrrggghhhh !!!

My boss is really piling on the pressure now. Its rediculous !!!! I only have one pair of hands for bleep's sake !!!! Since the practice manager resigned in February, I have been given the work that she was doing, without the title, and to add insult to injury, I have to do the said tasks within my reception shifts and its all getting too much. He is saving himself a mint ! Where as he was paying two people to do the job, muggings here is doing it all for the price of one !! Why am I such an idiot ??? !!!!!!! GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................ Sorry, rant over !!

Not only this, I have been back to the nurse for my dressing to be changed on my back, and its refusing to heal properly now. Its got a lot of discharge coming out and now needs to be packed again !! Im fed up :O( ........

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Friday, 16 April 2010

What a busy week and its still not finished ! Ive been working my long shifts all week, hence the lack of blogging, and I still have to go to work tomorrow !! Its also my daughters 11th birthday today. Happy Birthday Shannon :O) ....and whilst I have been at work today, my hubby took Shannon and a friend to the Zoo for the day. We are now about to go out for a meal, and Shannons friend is then sleeping over, and going home tomorrow afternoon. When I had finished work I spent 2 and a half hours in the new Asda in our area. Well I say new, its been there about a year and today was the first day that I went in to have a look. I was quite impressed I must say, especially their clothes department !! I treated myself to 2 new tops for £5 each , and a new bikini for £12 , and 3 strappy tops for £3 each. Piccys above. All of which will come in handy for my holiday in 18 days with Karon ..... wooohooooo.... can't believe its only 18 more days !!! :O) .... and Karon has just text me to say the tickets have arrived !! Seems so real now !! Just got to hope the volcano ash from Iceland in the air-space does not interrupt our plans !!!!!!!

I've been pretty good on the ww side of things this week. I lost 2 pounds which Im pleased with. That takes me back to 12st 6lb which is still within my comfort zone. I had the shock of my life the other day after a rather large pasta dish, the very next day I had gone up to 12st 11lb and I nearly died. It sure did give me the kick up the backside that I deserved. So feeling pretty good that Im back to 12st 6lb.
My new shifts at work start from next week. Hopefully all will work out well. It does mean more travelling, more money and a couple of much needed mornings off per week. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will not need to go to work until 2pm so that should be much better.
As I said before, I have work tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow evening we have Karon and Russ coming over for a meal. Im really looking forward to that. Hopefully I won't kill them with my cooking. We are having soup to start, roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner, and several choices for dessert....some are weight watcher friendly, others are not !! This week is full of events....dinner out tonight , entertaning tomorrow night, and Tuesday night a meal out with everyone from the Osteopaths. I don't hold out much hope for next week's weigh in, but as Im learning , each and every week, this is life and life happens. Just enjoy and then clamber on again...... !!!
Good luck for the week ahead guys. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I will blog you all again soon.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Positive thinking goes a long way and thank you to.......

Ok, so I gained 5 pounds this week. Not brilliant, I know, but is it the end of the world? NO ! Is it the end of my diet? NO ! Will I gain again in the future? YES ! Will I jump back on that wagon again? YES !!......Right time for positive thinking now, or PMA as I have learned (Positive Mental Attitude). I could sit here and whinge and make all the excuses under the sun for my gain/s recently, but what good will that do? It won't help me lose the weight will it. So I have decided, what is done is done. I cannot change that. In fact I had good fun gaining that 5 pounds, but unless I want it to turn into 5 stone, then I must get that positive frame of mind back that I had for so long.... and yes I can do it !! this nicely leads me on to tell you about two very inspiring people out there that are giving me more help than they realise.......

There are two blogs out there that inspire me so much . The first is written by Joanne, and the second is written by Jackie. I'm not sure you both know this ladies, but its because of you both, that I have learnt a lot this time round with weight watchers. I read your blogs and get so much from them. I have learnt that even if I falter, which inevitably I will over the years, that as long as I pick myself back up straight away, dust myself down and continue with this journey, then I know this time I will not gain back 9 stone like I did the previous time I lost weight with weight watchers. If I constantly keep myself in check every week and become accountable for my actions, then I know I can win this battle. Ive never done this before. I always used to gain the weight and think *oh sod it* and never bothered weighing in again. But I have watched your journeys , and see that we ALL have ups and downs, and that its not the end of the world. We just have to jump back on that wagon again. Thank you ladies for making me realise that I am only human after all, and these things will happen. Your both very inspirational, and you certainly are spurring me on without probably even realising it, and I really appreciate it x

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

self sabotage yet again !!......

Is it really that difficult to stay on track for just one week? Well it is for me right now !! Im nibbling anything that isn't nailed down, munching on chocolate like never before, and to be honest I have had a real *oh sod it* kind of attitude this week ! Why do I do it? I lost 4 lovely pounds last week, and tomorrow I will have put the majority of it, if not all of it back on again..... I am so, so stupid :O/......up and down like a blooming yo-yo is the only way to describe my weight right now. I so long to have that desire back that I had this time last year. Im sat here with a rather large over hanging belly right now which really is not pretty, and considering Ive got to get it out in 3 weeks and bare it to the world on holiday, really is not a nice thought !!! Someone please throw me some willpower ....... x

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Friday, 2 April 2010

Yes !!!! Im a happy Easter bunny :O)

After a very hectic week at work, running round from dawn to dusk between my 2 jobs, it is now Good Friday, and it really is a very Good Friday as I have managed to lose 4 lbs !!!! Back down now to 12st 3 lb. Really pleased with that. I have been 90% good over the past week. I have been thinking carefully about my food choices most of the time, and together with the added stress of work, that 4 lbs is very welcome.......hoooorrraayyy !!
Sorry I have neglected my blog this week. I really just have not had the chance. Like I said, a very hectic week. You may re-call I had a difficult decision to make last weekend, which I have now done. Where I was working 25 hours a week at the Doctors Surgery and 15 hours at the Osteopaths, I am very lucky to have a very understanding boss at the Doctors Surgery as they have allowed me to reduce my hours there, to take up the offer of Practice Manager at the Osteopaths, so at the end of the day, I still have the best of both worlds having both my lovely jobs. I feel very fortunate. Also this new work schedule allows me to have Tuesday and Thursday mornings off which is going to be wonderful....currently I have no time off in the week at all and it has been pretty hard work I can tell you. So decision made, and everyone happy !! (Except my Osteopath boss. He thought I would resign from the doctors completely, but I love it there so dont see why I should !!) haha !!
Other news .....
Its now only 32 days until I go away for my holiday to Zante with Karon.....yippeee :O) ...I cant wait. The thought of laying there doing nothing for a whole week sounds absolutely amazing.....roll on the 4th May !!!! Looking forward to going shopping to get a few holiday bits !! Will probably end up taking far too much stuff with me like usual.... thats ok , I'll make Karon carry the suitcase :O) x
Ok Im going to go and get dressed now, and go to see my Mum. Mum is still much the same as ever. Everytime I see her, she is sitting in her chair in the kitchen, in her dressing gown, doing nothing. Im sure she is seriously depressed. She is on anti-depressants but says all they do is make her tired....I cleaned all her windows for her last Sunday, and I still empty her bins in the kitchen every time Im there and hoover and dust and change her bed. My brothers are still doing NOTHING !! To give you an example, the brother that I have fallen out with big time because he doesn't like criticism, goes to see Mum twice a week, and he sits, drinks tea, eats cake and goes home. Well since I have had the operation on my back 4 weeks ago, I have had to be careful what I do, but Im still trying to do everything. But my brothers still have not offered to do anything. NOTHING !! I have not been able to pull the dustbins out for her once a week for the dustbin men since I had my back done, but guess whats happened...... they have been left !!! Nobody has even bothered to take them out for her. They are both now over-flowing !!!! They are a joke. Also my other brother, that I do get on with, he has been working in the same area as my Mum on another ladies kitchen !!!! What about MUM !!!!!!!!!!! gggrrrrrr........... calm down Tina !!! May even walk the dog over there ! Poor dog doesn't get many walks these days, bless her !! No-one else does that either..... ho hum !!
Ok guys, have a great weekend. Happy Easter to you all. Try not to have too much chocolate...tempting I know :OP ....!! x x

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