Friday, 2 April 2010

Yes !!!! Im a happy Easter bunny :O)

After a very hectic week at work, running round from dawn to dusk between my 2 jobs, it is now Good Friday, and it really is a very Good Friday as I have managed to lose 4 lbs !!!! Back down now to 12st 3 lb. Really pleased with that. I have been 90% good over the past week. I have been thinking carefully about my food choices most of the time, and together with the added stress of work, that 4 lbs is very welcome.......hoooorrraayyy !!
Sorry I have neglected my blog this week. I really just have not had the chance. Like I said, a very hectic week. You may re-call I had a difficult decision to make last weekend, which I have now done. Where I was working 25 hours a week at the Doctors Surgery and 15 hours at the Osteopaths, I am very lucky to have a very understanding boss at the Doctors Surgery as they have allowed me to reduce my hours there, to take up the offer of Practice Manager at the Osteopaths, so at the end of the day, I still have the best of both worlds having both my lovely jobs. I feel very fortunate. Also this new work schedule allows me to have Tuesday and Thursday mornings off which is going to be wonderful....currently I have no time off in the week at all and it has been pretty hard work I can tell you. So decision made, and everyone happy !! (Except my Osteopath boss. He thought I would resign from the doctors completely, but I love it there so dont see why I should !!) haha !!
Other news .....
Its now only 32 days until I go away for my holiday to Zante with Karon.....yippeee :O) ...I cant wait. The thought of laying there doing nothing for a whole week sounds absolutely amazing.....roll on the 4th May !!!! Looking forward to going shopping to get a few holiday bits !! Will probably end up taking far too much stuff with me like usual.... thats ok , I'll make Karon carry the suitcase :O) x
Ok Im going to go and get dressed now, and go to see my Mum. Mum is still much the same as ever. Everytime I see her, she is sitting in her chair in the kitchen, in her dressing gown, doing nothing. Im sure she is seriously depressed. She is on anti-depressants but says all they do is make her tired....I cleaned all her windows for her last Sunday, and I still empty her bins in the kitchen every time Im there and hoover and dust and change her bed. My brothers are still doing NOTHING !! To give you an example, the brother that I have fallen out with big time because he doesn't like criticism, goes to see Mum twice a week, and he sits, drinks tea, eats cake and goes home. Well since I have had the operation on my back 4 weeks ago, I have had to be careful what I do, but Im still trying to do everything. But my brothers still have not offered to do anything. NOTHING !! I have not been able to pull the dustbins out for her once a week for the dustbin men since I had my back done, but guess whats happened...... they have been left !!! Nobody has even bothered to take them out for her. They are both now over-flowing !!!! They are a joke. Also my other brother, that I do get on with, he has been working in the same area as my Mum on another ladies kitchen !!!! What about MUM !!!!!!!!!!! gggrrrrrr........... calm down Tina !!! May even walk the dog over there ! Poor dog doesn't get many walks these days, bless her !! No-one else does that either..... ho hum !!
Ok guys, have a great weekend. Happy Easter to you all. Try not to have too much chocolate...tempting I know :OP ....!! x x

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