Friday, 26 March 2010

STS and I love my job's ....oh what a decision :O(

It's been a stressful week this week, and an eventful one !
The scales have stuck at 12st 7 lb this week, so a sts from last week, which Im pleased with. After the disastrous gain of 4 pounds last week, I was not amused to say the least !! I've not been particularly good and I haven't been particularly bad this week, so the result is ok. I seem to be managing this maintaining business extremely well, as I still weigh the same as I did last July !! That would be great if I really was maintaining, but considering I would still love to lose another 2 stone, then I'm really failing miserably right now to lose anymore weight !! However, I am not going above the top line of 12st 7 lb that I have set myself in my mind as being the highest I want to be, so that in itself is some kind of result I suppose. Having said that I am going to try really hard this week and hopefully for the next 5 and a half weeks, as that is when I go on holiday to Zante with the lovely Karon !! If I could manage to lose 7 pounds by then, that would give me a bit of space for *holiday excess* !!
Right, what a week its been on the job front ! Finally, after a lot of thought, I decided to hand my notice in at the Osteopaths, as trying to manage the two jobs was proving to be a bit too much. I love both jobs, so the decision was not easy, but I typed out my notice last Sunday. The reason I decided to leave the Osteopaths, as opposed to the doctors was purely because of the amount of hours I needed, and at the time of typing my notice, I was working 15 hours for the Osteopaths, and 25 hours at the doctors. Feeling slightly relieved at making my decision, although sad too, I go to work as usual at the doctors on Monday, and I have a missed call from my boss at the Osteopaths. Bearing in mind, in my handbag was my written notice to give to him on Tuesday, I ring him back to see what he wanted when I got the opportunity. He was offering me more hours as somebody else had decided to retire !! I was gobsmacked. It was so out of the blue, and I then had to go back to square one and re-think everything. I said to him that I was considering handing in my notice, and he was shocked. He said he wanted to chat to me on the Tuesday. I have now been offered 30 hours work with the Osteopaths. He has given me a pay rise. He has said he will pay me for bank holidays (something which they have never done before), and basically said that I would be running the practice !!!

Why do these things always happen at the same time? I have now had to re-think everything. I love the doctors job, but can I afford to give up this opportunity? The Osteopath hours will fit in better with my children, including flexible hours on Fridays. Looks like Im going to be ripping my notice up for the Osteopaths and writing one out for the doctors now....AAAaaarrrggghhhh !!! I love both jobs , but there simply is not two of me to do them :O( ........ HELP !!!

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