Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Feeling positive ........ (at last !!)

Hi guys

Im signed off work this week due to the op on my back last week, so I have some time to do the things I want to do (within reason with a hole in my back :O/ ) . So here I am , in blogland !! YAY !!

Its nice to have a bit of time to call my own, to do what I like, although it was typical this morning .... signed off work and what happens ??.... NO INTERNET !!! Grrr... fault on the line so all morning without my beloved facebook, blogland, ww site, etc, etc, ...... anyway its back now, and Im a happy bunny again :O) .

Anyway, my back is healing ok. Had the dressing re-done yesterday and all is looking well according to the nurse. After my dressing on Friday, I felt awful, came home and in the afternoon ended up fainting for the first time ever !!. Thankfully , feeling a lot brighter now and can move around a lot more, although I keep getting nagged at to take it easy from hubby and girls ... bless them !! Thank you all for the lovely get well wishes I received, they were very greatly appreciated :O) ...

Ive been enjoying catching up with your blogs. Whilst I am here I would like to send my wishes to Emily, Sheilagh's grandaughter who has been going through a very worrying and tough time of late. Poor little poppet. I do hope your recovery Emily is a speedy one x

On the weight side of things, Im really feeling in control ... at last!! Im enjoying healthy foods again, and hoping I will be rewarded with another loss on Friday.... fingers crossed. Of course I will let you know.

Ok so Im off to try and find something good on day time TV ..... what a joke !! Surely there must be something good on one of these channels ??!! I have nearly 1000 channels for goodness sake !! I live in hope....

Will catch up with you all very soon, and if anyone knows of any good TV channels, then please let me know ;O) x

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  1. Enjoy the time off and heal up soon. Springtime's right around the corner and it'll be a nice time to get out and move.

  2. Glad things are looking up! Good luck with the TV and I hope you continue to recover so fabulously! :)

  3. Good to know you're keeping positive! Negativity never helped anyone.