Friday, 12 March 2010

Decisions, decisions ....

Friday is here again, and the scales have just stuck at 12st 3 lb all week !! Thats ok I suppose, but I really have been saintly food wise, so I was maybe hoping for a little tincy wincy bit off, but hey, considering the healing "bullet hole" in my back and limited amount of movement, I suppose a STS should be welcomed.

I have been off sick this week with the "bullet hole" , having to have it dressed twice a week which is extremely uncomfortable to say the least. When I went yesterday to see the nurse to have it dressed again, she recommended another week off work. Although part of me is happy at the thought of being off, I find too much time on my hands can be as daunting as too little time on my hands! Does that make sense? I find I think too much about my life situation and find too many faults and end up wanting to change everything !! Hold on tight kids, you may be put up for adoption !! .... no seriously .... I wouldn't change the girls !! :O/ .... but I am thinking of ending my job at the Osteopaths .... for many reasons, .... but is it just the state of mind Im in?... or should I do it? Perhaps I should wait and see how I feel when Im better . Don't want to do anything rash and regret it afterwards...... I just don't know ... decisions, decisions .....

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight. The lovely Karon and her partner Russ, have invited hubby and me to dinner at their house. Karon's cooking so Im sure its going to be awsome :OP ...... see you tonight Karon :O) x

Right Im off now. I hope you have a lovely weekend guys. What have you all got planned? Don't forget your mothers on Mothers Day this Sunday..... I think Im having breakfast in bed cooked for me ... yummmmmm.... and also being taken out for a meal later on....looking forward to all of that !! Have fun, be good, and I will catch up with you again very soon... especially now that I have sooooooooooo much time on my hands !! x

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  1. Sorry to hear your bullet hole is giving you problems, but I hope you have a lovely weekend and Happy Mothers Day! xxx

  2. Thanks for checking out our m&m blog. Amazing, right? I was amazed by the newspaper article about you. What an amazing transformation. You are simply stunning. Happy Mother's Day this weekend. It's not Mother Day in the US yet!

  3. Mull it over. If you continue to feel the same, perhaps a change is in order. :) Enjoy your dinner.