Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Look what I found !!

With time on my hands, I decided to sort out my bedroom drawers today, which badly needed doing. Im feeling the urge to spring clean, but limited to how much I can do with my dodgey back :O/ ....

Anyway, I took one drawer at a time, and emptied the contents on the bed, when I came across a newspaper snippet which was all about me when I reached my ww goal 7 years ago !! This picture is of me and my eldest daughter Kirsty (aged 12) wearing a skirt which I had quite easily fitted into on my own before I lost nearly 7 stone !!

Please excuse the dodgey hair !!! lol x
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  1. Wow! Amazing!!! Loved that you shared this with us!! Sometimes it's the little reminders of the Journey we are on that makes us remember why we are still counting calories, and still watching what we eat, and why we never, ever want to go back to the "before"! :)

  2. Oh wow, wow, wow! What weight did you get down to in that picture?
    The hair do made me smile. I had hair like that once upon a time :o) xxx

  3. Brilliant inspiration to carry on :) You're looking fabulous and I see you're pretty local to me (I'm in Norwich) xxx

  4. You have a very good look about you!

  5. Thank you peeps. I went from 16st 9lb to 9st 11 lb on this occasion and reached ww Goal. I then proceeded to lose even more and ended up at 9st 3lb ...too thin !!! I am a gold member (not that I have ever lived up to that .. LOL) but its still something I am very proud of.
    Im not too worried this time about getting into the 9's. I personally feel I looked skinny at the time and now Im 7 years older, I dont think it would do me any favours !!x

  6. Love your new layout. One drawer at a time, that's how I approach everything these days. It works. :D

    I have decided to switch blogs. would love to keep in touch with you and see your progress. If so inclined, please join me at:

    and I will add you onto my blog roll there.