Sunday, 28 February 2010

good week ....

Hi guys.....

I'm pleased to report a good week on the ww side of things. I lost 2 pounds which Im pleased with. I was saintly during the week food-wise, until Friday night when I went to a chinese buffet restaurant ..the all you can eat type... with the lovely Karon and another ww lady that I have met throught the ww 5+ boards ...Jan Heather...!! It was the first time that I had met up with Jan. I am really enjoying meeting all these lovely people, putting a face to the name is good fun !! Needless to say we ate plenty :O)... and then went to a couple of pubs afterwards. After Jan had gone, Karon's lovely OH and his cousin drove us back to mine and we were drinking coffee until 2.15 am !!!! It was a good night though, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Its good to relax after a heavy week of work !!!

Although I still have a long way to go until I will be happy with my weight, I have decided to try and not get too stressed about it. As long as I dont go any higher than 12st 7 lb, then I can live with that. Of course I am trying to lose more weight, but my body has hovered around these last few pounds for so long now, and I feel that this is obviously a natural weight for me. I am wearing size 12 trousers from matalan which Im over the moon with, so I really should stop beating myself up when I have a gain. As long as I keep things in check each week by weighing in, and being good 75% of the time, then I should be happy with that.

Looking forward to next Saturday. Karon and I are paying the balance off on our holiday!!! Yippeeeeee.... that really will feel real then .... cant wait.....

Oh well, thats all for now folks.... its Sunday night, a new week and a new month begins tomorrow ..... hope you all have a great week, and once again, thank you for the words of support that I receive from you . It means a lot. Your all very special people x x x x

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  1. Well done on your two pounds loss, Tina. It must be such hard work with all you have going on it the moment. I'm happy that you're finding a happy(-ish) medium with your weigh-loss journey. Size 12 is a fantastic achievement, even if you think you still need more off to feel properly happy. You will get there in the end. Looking at your ticker, your holiday seems to be hardly any time away. Have you started packing yet? lol

  2. Wonderful loss this week Tina. Great to see you back on track. Hopefully not too much damage was done on our evening out with Jan on Friday. I'm certainly looking at a gain!
    Getting into a size 12 is such a wonderful achievement. You've done so well and are an inspiration. :o)
    9 weeks until our holiday..... not long now... wooohooooo :o) xxx