Tuesday, 16 February 2010

short and sweet ............

Another flying visit to blog-land !!

Life is flying past me by in a flash right now...just wish someone would put the brakes on !!

Ive had a hectic week (yet again) and am sad to report a 1 pound gain at the scales last Friday. I was gutted and surprised and didn't think I deserved it. However, I am now heading towards a totally disastrous gain this week ... I have eaten everything in sight and I really dont know why. I had fish and chips on Friday ... a party on Saturday with far too much drink and food, huge dinner on Sunday plus a fried egg sandwich..etc, etc, etc,.... Is it the cold? possibly. Is it pre-menstrual ? probably.... is it just lack of willpower? ..TOTALLY !!!!!!!! No excuses now, Ive been a pig and thats final. Already quaking in my boots for Fridays weigh in and wondering whether I should bother. Im supposed to be going for a belated anniversary/valentines meal tomorrow night which will not help at all, and to be honest Im not sure that I want to go............ I already feel like an elephant... :O(

What would you guys do ?......... go for the meal and weigh in and face the music ?....... or boycott both which seems to be rather appealing right now !! Im losing the plot and I dont like it :O( .................

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  1. Is it possible to pick somewhere to go with options that won't stick to your hips?

    Hope you find some balance soon. Hang in there!

  2. What I would do and what I would say you should do might well be two different things. :D I think on balance you should go for the meal and enjoy it, weigh in, and accept whatever it is, the draw that line we all talk about and climb back on the wagon. Don't put off the meal out till after weigh in - I would likely overeat then too and have another difficult week in consequence.
    I see that this is yesterday's post and you've probably already made your mind up anyway!
    When you've got a minute to sit and draw breath, remember that it's going to the meetings that stops us falling further off track - it is for me anyway.
    Here's wishing you a wonderful, hopefully less frenetic week.


  3. I'd definately do the WI, even if I don't like the results. Sometimes it's that slap in the face I need to get me back on track!!! Hope you enjoy your dinner out, and don't worry about anything other than having a good time! Hope your life slows down a bit and you are able to take a breather!!! Good luck Friday (if you go :))

  4. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, we are missing you girl!!

    I hope you get some balasce back soon, it must be hard work holding down two job's, looking after family etc, how is your mum doing by the way?

    Look after yourself darling girl.



    PS You still haven't said what you think of being a doctor's receptionist?;o)