Sunday, 7 February 2010

Good ww week ..... and massive NSV !!

Hi Guys !! Long time no blog .... :O( .... sorry guys, it really is hectic at the moment trying to fit everything in, but Ive decided that Sunday is catch up day from now on. Ive been reading through your lovely blogs which I really enjoy doing. Some of you are really funny and I love the way you tell your adventures with humour !! Its great reading, and Im setting aside a couple of hours purely for blogland on Sunday's from now on to help keep me focused, cheer me up, and to remember that I am not alone in this journey........
Had a fab week on the scales this week. I lost 3 lbs !!! Absolutely thrilled to bits with that. Back to being exactly 12st again now. So close , yet again, to dipping into the 11's. I think the loss is due to a mixture of events. I have been saintly food wise...pass me the halo polish me thinks :O) .... and another factor is rushing here, there and everywhere to do my two jobs. It is a bit draining, but I will see how I get on in the coming weeks. Im enjoying being busy, but when I get in I just fall asleep, and I really don't want to be doing that. I would like to spend a bit of time with my girls, and Im not getting much chance to do that. So lets see what the next few weeks feels like and I will assess it again then.
Major NSV for me this week guys....... I fitted into my daughters size 12 bikini !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes , I said size 12 :O) ..... Ive been wearing a couple of pairs of size 12 trousers for a while, but somehow it just didn't register to me until yesterday, that I may get into that bikini !!! Was having a bit of a try on session to see what fits and what doesnt and believe me that was such a fab feeling getting that on !! Ok , so lets be entirely honest, I didnt look brill in it , .... but I did get it on and that to me is an achievement.... and I can always cover up the nasty bits with a sarong when I go away with the lovely Karon or just be really brave and have the *oh sod it* attitude and just dont give a monkey's about what people think ....yes thats what I will do... !!!
Had a lovely lunch out at Weatherspoons with Karon again yesterday. Stayed within points with breaded plaice and chips and peas which was lovely. It was good to catch up again, and had a good natter. Helped me to chill out a bit after a few nasty arguments with him indoors ............. enough said I think !!!
Anyway guys, its good to catch up with you all again. Have a brill week, and I will be back again next Sunday ... unless I manage to grab a quick sneaky 5 mins from somewhere ..... !!

TTFN my friends x x x

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  1. Fantastic weight loss this week Tina. You'll be in those 11's next week:o) Great NSV with the bikini... hehe. I go for the sod it attitude, other than me you won't see anyone else when we return from our hols. And there will not be any photographic proof that either of us were wearing bikinis!! Dinner and a catch up was lovely yesterday. Catch up with you again real soon sugar xxx

  2. That's brilliant Tina - I'm too scared to even think about putting on a bikini at the moment!

    Am very pleased for you and loving your 'ah sod it' attitude!


  3. Hi Tina, Have been missing you ;o)
    Great about the bikini, something I have never dared try lol. Sounds like you are having a busy time of it at the moment. I hope you manage to get your time sorted and you have good times with your girls.



  4. Fab fab fab! Well done Tina x

  5. Brilliant loss - and fantastic getting into that Bikini. I am firmly of the "Sod it" mentality when on holiday - enjoy yourself and don't bother at all about what anyone else thinks!


  6. Really fantastic loss Tina! See, told you all that running round would melt the lbs off. :D

    "And there will not be any photographic proof that either of us were wearing bikinis!! "
    Karon, you spoilsport! LOL