Sunday, 21 February 2010

holds head in shame............

Sorry guys, not much success to report here at the moment. A massive gain when weighed this Friday. 5 pounds on. What can I say? Total CR*P !! Thats how I feel right now............ hangs head in shame....
This journey is bloody hard sometimes. I want to eat the things that I love. I dont want to miss out on special occasions and go without while everybody else tucks in, I dont want to do this anymore, but I dont want to go back to weighing 7 stone more again ............

Sorry guys, just feeling pretty low right now. Lots of things are happening in my life that I dont have much control over, and the only thing I can control... Im letting slip away.....and im getting fatter by the minute.........
Hope to come back with a new lease of life next week. Please bear with me x x x

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  1. You are not letting things slip away. You are fully aware of your gain and you feel accountable. (perhaps a little too much ;) )

    There are times when life and our eating is taken out of out hands to a certain degree... You've had big changes in your life lately with work and that can play havoc on your eating!
    The main thing is you know where you're going wrong! You might not be able to regain control very quickly, like magic! But you will get your control back! Maybe just try it little by little! Like today I'm going to stay in points, and tick off that goal. Today I'm only going to have one treat, I'm going to drink all my water. Today I'm going to make zero point soup... All those little things will eventually get you back on track!
    Best of luck! x

  2. Hey, i am new to this blogging but just want to say you are doing amazing, it can be so hard, especially when we have other stuff going on 2... but hang in there, you have showed great strength to get where you are, YOU CAN DO IT x

  3. Hope you can be back in the groove soon Tina, start looking after yourself Now xxx

  4. Try not to be hard on yourself. Think about how much you have lost since you began. We all have times where we are not 100% dedicated. Rose's comments are spot on, one step at a time. Have a good week - WE WILL GET TO GOAL!
    Claire xx

  5. Don´t be too hard on yourself! You´ll get through this and things will get easier again. You´ve already shown what you are able to achieve. You´re fantastic (even if it doesn´t feel like it at the moment)! X