Saturday, 10 April 2010

Positive thinking goes a long way and thank you to.......

Ok, so I gained 5 pounds this week. Not brilliant, I know, but is it the end of the world? NO ! Is it the end of my diet? NO ! Will I gain again in the future? YES ! Will I jump back on that wagon again? YES !!......Right time for positive thinking now, or PMA as I have learned (Positive Mental Attitude). I could sit here and whinge and make all the excuses under the sun for my gain/s recently, but what good will that do? It won't help me lose the weight will it. So I have decided, what is done is done. I cannot change that. In fact I had good fun gaining that 5 pounds, but unless I want it to turn into 5 stone, then I must get that positive frame of mind back that I had for so long.... and yes I can do it !! this nicely leads me on to tell you about two very inspiring people out there that are giving me more help than they realise.......

There are two blogs out there that inspire me so much . The first is written by Joanne, and the second is written by Jackie. I'm not sure you both know this ladies, but its because of you both, that I have learnt a lot this time round with weight watchers. I read your blogs and get so much from them. I have learnt that even if I falter, which inevitably I will over the years, that as long as I pick myself back up straight away, dust myself down and continue with this journey, then I know this time I will not gain back 9 stone like I did the previous time I lost weight with weight watchers. If I constantly keep myself in check every week and become accountable for my actions, then I know I can win this battle. Ive never done this before. I always used to gain the weight and think *oh sod it* and never bothered weighing in again. But I have watched your journeys , and see that we ALL have ups and downs, and that its not the end of the world. We just have to jump back on that wagon again. Thank you ladies for making me realise that I am only human after all, and these things will happen. Your both very inspirational, and you certainly are spurring me on without probably even realising it, and I really appreciate it x

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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you too! *is speechless* ....

    ....Well, you knew that wouldn't last. LOL Agreed, The only secret to making this time around a success and keeping it that way is the never give up mindset, no matter what the gain has been. It's not easy. It never was. Sometimes you come back to it grumbling or kicking and screaming, but bottom line is you do come back. Simples!

    Joanne is a major inspiration to me too, as are you, but I don't want to turn this into a full on love-fest, and put everyone off their food! Though that might not be an entirely bad thing. :-D

    Enough burbling, Jacqueline!

    Good on you and more power to your PMA.


  2. Ha ha, what are we like?
    I swear Jackie just wants to copy me, i gain 9lb and what does she have to go and do?
    And then you moan about a measly 5lb?

    Seriously though, it's taken me a year but i think my head is also in the right place, we are normal :o)
    It's the ones that say 'oh i could never eat as much again' or 'i have retrained myself' blah blah, sorry but i don't believe that, once a food addict possibly always one?
    It's only an iron will that will stop us from gaining our weight again and as long as we are still going to class we have a good chance of not doing so.....(fingers crossed)
    Good luck to us all this week xx

  3. You are brill ! Thank you once again. Your both so witty with it too... you make me laugh !
    Good luck to both of you in trying to get rid of those 9 pounds.... I'm sure you two are twins !! Hopefully we will ALL see some brilliant losses this week x x