Friday, 16 April 2010

What a busy week and its still not finished ! Ive been working my long shifts all week, hence the lack of blogging, and I still have to go to work tomorrow !! Its also my daughters 11th birthday today. Happy Birthday Shannon :O) ....and whilst I have been at work today, my hubby took Shannon and a friend to the Zoo for the day. We are now about to go out for a meal, and Shannons friend is then sleeping over, and going home tomorrow afternoon. When I had finished work I spent 2 and a half hours in the new Asda in our area. Well I say new, its been there about a year and today was the first day that I went in to have a look. I was quite impressed I must say, especially their clothes department !! I treated myself to 2 new tops for £5 each , and a new bikini for £12 , and 3 strappy tops for £3 each. Piccys above. All of which will come in handy for my holiday in 18 days with Karon ..... wooohooooo.... can't believe its only 18 more days !!! :O) .... and Karon has just text me to say the tickets have arrived !! Seems so real now !! Just got to hope the volcano ash from Iceland in the air-space does not interrupt our plans !!!!!!!

I've been pretty good on the ww side of things this week. I lost 2 pounds which Im pleased with. That takes me back to 12st 6lb which is still within my comfort zone. I had the shock of my life the other day after a rather large pasta dish, the very next day I had gone up to 12st 11lb and I nearly died. It sure did give me the kick up the backside that I deserved. So feeling pretty good that Im back to 12st 6lb.
My new shifts at work start from next week. Hopefully all will work out well. It does mean more travelling, more money and a couple of much needed mornings off per week. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will not need to go to work until 2pm so that should be much better.
As I said before, I have work tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow evening we have Karon and Russ coming over for a meal. Im really looking forward to that. Hopefully I won't kill them with my cooking. We are having soup to start, roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner, and several choices for dessert....some are weight watcher friendly, others are not !! This week is full of events....dinner out tonight , entertaning tomorrow night, and Tuesday night a meal out with everyone from the Osteopaths. I don't hold out much hope for next week's weigh in, but as Im learning , each and every week, this is life and life happens. Just enjoy and then clamber on again...... !!!
Good luck for the week ahead guys. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I will blog you all again soon.

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  1. Life happens... ain't that the damned truth. Not letting all of life's trials and turmoils knock you off track can be a full time job. Best of luck keeping your mojo going strong.

  2. Congrats on your loss and keeping at it.

  3. Well done on the 2lb loss. It's moving in the right direction :o) Love the new bits and pieces. I've got a few more bits to get for our holiday yet. :o)
    Looking forward to tonight, if you poison me with your cooking you won't be able to go on holiday! Blimey, I do hope we get to go. That's a bit worrying. See you soon xxx

  4. Hope you have a lovely meal tonight with Karon and your other halves. It sounds like it will be delicious. I like your new tops too. How excited you must be feeling. Fingers crossed that the volcanic dust will have sorted itself out by the time your holiday rolls around.

  5. wow such a excited and happy post!! So nice to read, although the prospect of going to asda and a girly holiday would fill me with the same lol.

    well done on the loss, knew you would do it this week. Hopefully I will too, i needed to scare myself too.