Friday, 30 October 2009

I was going to give up ..... but

Well I got weighed this morning, and Im fed up to report a STS. Still 12st 4lb, and Ive been looking back over my last few weeks results, I have only lost 1 blooming pound since September 11th.... now thats shit .

I know where Im going wrong. Partly the reason I think is because Im struggling on 19 pts a day. Somehow I only manage about 4 out of 7 days a week within my points, and then the other days, Im usually a few over. I know its also lack of exercise and the occasional naughty meals out, but I have no desire to exercise or even walk at all at the moment. Don't know why, just cant be asked. My weight has stuck at 12st 4lbs all bloody week !!!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ............... I was so fed up this morning, I actually found myself saying to hubby this morning.... OH WHATS THE POINT...SOD IT !! Actually feeling like giving up for a while.......

I came on here to log my weight, obviously Im still keen to do that, so the desire to give up is just a knee jerk reaction to a couple of months wasted, messing about with these few bloody pounds that go up, then down, then up, then down.......what a waste. I could have been into those blooming 11's by now if I had of kept up the exercise , or learnt how to survive on 19 pts ... :O( .... CRAP !!

Anyway, Im so glad I logged on here this morning. Reading through your blogs is such a huge help. I started reading Sheilagh's, who I love following . She has written a lovely post this morning about the seeds of change. She has also made a link to an impressive post written by Mary at which talks about making your life worthwhile. Look for the Favourite posts on the right hand side and find the one that says Making your life worthwhile. My word what a read that is. It certainly opens up your mind, and makes you realise what you can achieve. It gives you hope, enthusiasm when all else is failing, in fact its quite an eye opener. Go see for yourselves. Thank you for sharing that find Sheilagh x
So with re-newed optimism, a new strength, a new view of where Im going .... here comes a better week ........I will do this, I can do this, I will not give up .......... x

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  1. LOL, so glad you are feeling renewed and ready to move forward again now. You are so close to breaking through to the 11 stone range, you can't give up now!

    I loved Mary's post and glad you are enjoying it too. That quote, "Life is and adventure, train for it", is great too!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Stick with it, Tina. You've come such a long way. Giving up now is simply out of the question.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. You CAN do it! I know exactly where you are with the struggling with 19 points a day - as I am too the past few weeks and yoyoing up and down. It's so frustraing to see the time frittering away like that with not much to show for it. But you're right - you came on here and wrote it down, and that helps, and you've been reading inspirational blogs and that helps too, and I've no doubt that lunch with Karon will also leave you more determined as well. You know what I did last week to lose? I added another point each day. I don't know if it was psychological, or I was also choosing better and timing my meals better, but having an extra point to play with every day ( almost a bottle of wine a week :D ) took away some of the pressure so I could think positively instead of about how difficult I was finding it.
    I reckon it would just feel all wrong to give up now too, having come so far. Like I said to begin with - You CAN do it!
    I'm going to follow your links now and get some inspiration too.