Friday, 23 October 2009

weigh in, mums birthday and new job....

Hi guys...

Had my weigh in today and I lost a pound. Back to 12st 4lbs now. Im not particularly happy with that result because I thought I had been really good all week and deserved possibly 2 pounds, but hey, a pound is a pound and its in the right direction. My scales don't have half pounds, or quarter pounds on them, but they did take a little while to settle on 12st 4lb and were flicking on 12st 2lb and then jumping to 12st 4lb, so Im either thinking get some blooming new scales, or take it as a pound lost this week, and hopefully more next week. Fingers crossed for a good week ahead.
However, having said that, bad start to the week for me. Its my mums birthday today, and I took mum, and my 3 daughters out for lunch today. We went to a lovely place, The Rushbrook Arms, nr Bury St Edmunds, and thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I took a while to decide between burger with cheese and bacon on it with chips and salad, or beef and ale pie with mashed potato carrots, leeks and gravy. I eventually, after a lot of dithering, opted for the pie..... it was absolutely delicious. Lovely thick pastry, big chunks of beef and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dont even know where to begin with pointing it, but have allowed 14.5 points for the pie and then added 5 for the mash, gravy and vegetables. Not sure if the points are right, but I would rather over estimate than under estimate. Please don't tell me its more than this !! Im already over points by 10 for the day....!!! Im sure I will pull these back by next Friday though.
Tomorrow is my first day of my new job at the BMW garage. I rang the lady today, just to confirm what I should wear and where I should park. I have to wear a suit, but I only own a jacket, but she said that would be fine , with smart shirt and trousers.....oooohhh I hope this isn't going to be too posh for me... lol !! I have to be there at 8.30 in the morning, and they are launching 2 brand new cars about being thrown in at the deep end !! Anyway will see how I get on. Just hope there is nothing too complicated, as I am hardly brain of Britain !! Im sure I will be back to fill you in over the weekend !!
Anyway guys, I know I still havent got round to sending the lovely award out that wonderful Sheilagh sent to me (bless ya), but I will, as soon as I find some time......I hope you all have a lovely weekend. ta-ra for now x x x

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  1. Good job with the lost pound...hang in there!

  2. Good luck with the job tomo Tina. Hope you get staff discount on the cars!! heehee xx

  3. Good Luck for tomorrow Gorgeous, I am sure you will be Great.

    Glad you gave your mum a good time, the pie sounds scrummy:)



  4. Well done on the pound - I am sure it will be more next week and good luck for tomorrow!

  5. Tina, that's brilliant mate. You're doing so well. Happy Birthday to your mummy..... it sounds as though you had a nice lunch. I'm sure you'll manage to pull those extra points back.
    If your scales are flickering between 12st 2lb and 12st 4lb i'd of probably gone inbetween the two. LOL. Like you said, if it's wrong, it'll show next week.
    Hope the start of your new job goes really well.
    See you next Friday hunny. I'm really looking forward to it :o) xxx

  6. As you'll already be there by now, I hope your new job is going well. I expect there's be lots of bells and whistles today if they're having a car launch ( free bubbly too maybe? )

    Well done on losing that pound.