Monday, 26 October 2009

Hi guys....

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Its been a disaster points-wise this week for me to be honest !! At the moment I am facing a points deficit of 30 ....eeeeeekkkkkk !!! This has resulted from a lovely meal out for mums birthday which I mentioned in my last post, and another lovely meal out with hubby Saturday night... which consisted of Pate with toast for starters, steak and chips with garlic/butter sauce...(only got about 10 chips though :O( ) , and for afters a delicious chocolate nut brownie served with vanilla ice-cream .....oh boy !! That really was the highlight of the evening..... I very rarely do desserts, but my God that was good !! However on the plus side to all this naughty-ness.... I made my first ever 0 point soup on Sunday....blooming lovely if I do say so myself !! Carrot, onion and cauliflower soup.... :OP .... !! Yesterday I managed to stay within points, below by 3 in fact .... so the claw back has begun....!! Having said all of this, an SP this morning is showing a STS !!! So to say Im gobsmacked is putting it mildly. MUST, MUST be good for the rest of the week ......

Ok the new job. Well I went in bright and early Saturday morning. I was there for 8.20. I wore a jacket, trousers, and shirt (see piccy). I was shown around, and introduced to people, all of which seemed really nice. Customers started arriving around 9 am, and believe me, it got really busy. The launch of the BMW X1 and the BMW 5 GT was a big hit. A couple of definate sales, starting from at least £22,000 and there was me thinking there was a recession on :o/ ..... Anyhow, I was told not to worry about the phones on my first day, and when she explained the job, it is basically answering the phone and making tea and coffee. To be honest, I thought there would be more involved. I was really after a job with a lot more admin , and really can't justify spending every single Saturday, all day, 8.30 til 5pm, just answering a phone and making tea .... nah !! Not for me. On Saturday I must have made at least 80 drinks for people.... I felt like a waitress. So , short and sweet, but I have decided not to continue. I have posted a letter (yes I know Im a coward !!), and half expecting the phone to ring any minute as I type this !!! Will have to speak to Lucy at some point I know....for once Im doing what I want to do, rather than doing it to please other people... YAY !!
Ok so feeling positive today.... Im going to sit down with pen and paper and do a list of the blogs Im going to send the lovely award to... I haven't forgotten, just so much going on !! Boy this is going to be a hard task .....
Have a good day guys, and I will be back with results , later ....... x x x x

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  1. You look so Dinky in that photo Tina, will have to start calling you Tiny Tina:)

    Pity about the Saturday job, but I agree with you wholeheartedly, there is more to you than being a glorified waitress.

    I am sure you will recoup those points to splashed out enjoying good family times.

    Thank you for your lovely message, I am feeling more positive today, I have reralised I havegot to live the life I deserve, not the life I was expected to lead for over 15 years.

    Thank you for caring darlin xxx


  2. You're looking good in your work gear. Shame that the job wasn't right for you, but good on you for doing your own thing.

    Be good this week, or I'll come after you with a big stick (and you can do the same to me!)

  3. It sounds as though you had a lovely weekend food wise. I'm sure you'll be able to claw back most of those points by Friday. Maybe you'll get chance to do some walking with the girls whilst they're off school to earn some bonus points.

    You look good in your work gear. I can't blame you for not taking the job any further. It's not what you thought it would be and you wouldn't be using the skills you've got. Something else will come along.

    Have a fab week. See you on Friday. I'm looking forward to it xxx

  4. You look marvellous in your suit! Shame about the job, but how wise of you to decide so soon, it does sound a bit boring, would you change your mind if they offered you a company car, lol?

    Good luck at clawing back those points, I am sure you will do it!

  5. Thanks guys. I was nicely surprised when I saw the piccy of me in my suit. Didn't look too big anymore... YAY !! Mind you, black does help ... lol !!
    Im glad I decided not to continue with the job. Ive been stuck in jobs before that I detest, and never had the courage for years to get out, so although this one was short and sweet, I knew immediately that it wasnt for me. I want to use the little bit of brain that I do have left !! Not just make tea !
    Tiny Tina...I love that Sheilagh !! Thank you. Jackie Im being very good now...bit scared of that big what a great idea !! Karon, walking with the girls? You dont know my girls hunnie...lazy humbugs...I would have to drag them out for a a pretty site pulling them along the street by their hair !! Looking forward to seeing you Friday. And Kari.... I could be persuaded by a company car... perhaps I will give them a call :OP xxx