Friday, 2 October 2009

Stress, stress and more stress.....

So Friday is here again, and yet another week has flown past. And with it being Friday, another weigh day has arrived. I have actually lost another pound !! Dont ask me how, as I ended up 16pts over for the week...thats two weeks running now that I have been way over points... and both weeks, I have lost a pound !! Weird !! I certainly do not deserve the pound off, but in my defence, my head is back to it 100%, my bum is black and blue from all the kicking's you lovely lot gave me (thank you), and it is firmly stuck with super-glue back on the wagon !! Long may it continue !

Work has been quite stressful this week. Bad atmosphere there at the moment. Im a receptionist at an Osteopath Surgery, and because business wasn't too good at the beginning of the year, we receptionists took a 20% pay cut. Considering what we earn, compared to the Osteopaths....who incidently took only a 2.5% paycut.... losing 20% of my wages has made quite an impact on my life for sure. Anyway to cut a long story short, the boss still says business is not too good, although the amount of new patients coming in, Im beginning to wonder about that. We had a meeting with him, and we asked for our wages back, but we were told no. Hmph !! I wouldnt mind, but Im being expected to do loads of extra work, that the practice manager can't keep up with, for no extra pay !!! I have now had to apply for another job to work all day Saturdays, just to make my money up.... feel a bit pipped off about that.

Not only work has been stressful this week. Home-life is pretty shit too. Have not been talking to hubby all week, apart from the occasional yes and no in all of the right places. He really upset me last week before I went out. His insecurities are starting to surface, but I never thought he would go as far as he did. He said and done some very hurtful things, and I have not found it in my heart to forgive him yet. I told lovely Karon about it, and we met up today for a chat over a diet coke. Thank you Karon, I really appreciated the chat. I know I have found a very special friend there.

Anyway, thats life at the moment, maybe whats been going on has had an impact on my eating, I'm not sure. Don't want to make excuses, as at the end of the day we are all responsible for what we put in our mouths .... oh god , that doesn't sound good.... so I'm off *blushes* and runs off to hide :o/ ...

Have a good weekend everyone, if you can't be good, be careful ;o) x

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  1. Hate to say it, but it's probably going to take somebody on the staff leaving for another job to make your employer reconsider the pay cuts (damn, 20% is a whopper). Even when business comes back, their mindset is going to be to keep as much profit as possible to offset the lean times in the past.

    Good job on the loss tho, especially considering how rough this week was for you.

  2. That does all sound very stressful. I think the bosses at your work are taking the pi55 there, they should really match your wage reduction.

    Hope you and hubby sort things out soon too, it is funny how people react when we change.

    Have a better weekend and well done on the loss - crossing my fingers that your stressors go away!

  3. whew 20% while they took 2.5% that is discusting.

    sorry about hubby, i truly know the feeling and its really shit :(