Sunday, 11 October 2009

weigh in , pamper day , and families ......

A little bit late this week with posting my weigh in result to you .... I lost another pound. Im now 12st 4 lb. Its coming off at a steady pace now at a pound a week. Pleased with that, especially considering totm arrived the same day. Its still weird though, Im averaging slightly over my points each week, where as about a month ago I wouldn't dream of doing that. So maybe my body does need a couple more points a day than Im allowing it to keep the weight coming off. Think I will re-take the points quiz and see what it says.....

Im feeling a bit better about things now, thanks to you guys and my lovely doctor, hubby and girls. You have all been amazing and I would like to thank you again for your lovely comments. You really help me to realize that other people do understand how I feel. As for my hubby and girls they have been great too. We have just spent all day together shopping and having a roast dinner at home that hubby cooked and then playing charades .... that was a giggle !! I really must learn how to relax and enjoy myself more ... last night it was a movie, popcorn and pyjamas kind of night ... all of us together ... it was great. Cant remember the last time I did that with them all .

On the subject of my mum, no-one else had taken her food shopping since my outburst last Saturday night. A week has gone by and not one of my brothers or their partners thought for one minute ... perhaps mum needs to go shopping !! I knew they wouldnt. So I took her food shopping yesterday with my hubby. She has to eat after all. Ive cut out all the dusting, hoovering, sorting her bins out, bed changing, and going round to see her everyday. I do feel a bit guilty, but do you know what ... I have slept solidly for 3 nights now which I never normally do , and I feel more chilled. I do feel slightly guilty , but I have to do this for my own sanity. It just goes to show what my brothers are like though.... they are not talking to me and still have not done anything for mum..... they are bloody pathetic !! Would love to strangle them both, but they are not worth doing time for !!

Tomorrow I have my lovely day in London to look forward to .... pamper day.... make-up , hair , and photo shoot with my eldest daughter ... I cant wait !! Will pop piccy's on here when I get them all ....

Anyway guys, hope your having a lovely weekend. As I said before, your all brill , and I would like to send you all some beautiful flowers ..... so here they are at the top.... sorry they are not real .... but the thought is there . Speak to you soon guys xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Hi Tina,

    Sorry I've not commented on here about your troubles, but man, I really understand the concept of families not helping out when they should. I often feel like the only one who does anything for my brother. Then I feel angry with him because he could do so much more for himself and his health which leads on to the guilt trip, grrrr. And the drinking too much thing, lol, that's me all over.

    However, I'm sooo glad you're feeling better. If you ever need to vent or just want to chat email me on

    lots of love Angela X X X X

  2. Hi Tina. Have a fantastic time tomorrow. I'm sure you and your daughter will have a great pampering day. It'll be fun. Enjoy every minute hunny xxx

  3. I hope you have a lovely day today, and are thoroughly enjoying your much deserved pampering session. Can't wait to see the photographs!

  4. hi hun hope u really enjoy ur self in london today u soo deserve it babe!!!
    and glad ur feeling more chilled and had some good night sleeps

    big big hugs and well done on the weight loss thats fab!!

  5. Your brothers are awful not helping your mum at all despite your pleas for help.

    I am glad though that you are doing less and making time for yourself - if you get poorly, then nothing will get done.

    Enjoy today - hope you blog about it!