Sunday, 18 October 2009

catch up ....

Although I blogged on Friday, I forgot to mention a few things. Im sure Im going senile ??!!**

My beautiful daughter Sophie had her 14th birthday on Friday. We had a few of her friends over for tea, aswell as my in-laws :O/ , and my mum, (brothers are still not talking to me so F*ck em).. we had a few nibbles on the table e.g, sausage rolls, pizza, crisps, cocktail sausages....etc, etc, ....I did my best not to over indulge, ended up going over by about 3 , so not too bad. The birthday girl and her friends wanted to sleep in a tent in the garden, so eventually at 2 am , they clambered in, I had gone to bed much earlier than this... getting too old for that !! I think they all enjoyed themselves.... picture above shows them crawling out in the morning... bottle of WKD for breakfast (only joking) ... they shared one bottle before bed , and still didn't finish it !!
Forgot to tell you also that I went for an interview for a receptionist job, to work just on Saturdays. Could do with the money, and as its only Saturdays, I can hold on to my receptionist job during the week that I do at the Osteopaths. This new job is a receptionist job at a BMW garage. The interview went well on Thursday afternoon, and low and behold they have called and left me a message on my answer phone on Friday afternoon, wanting to speak to me. I think it may be good news, but Im not sure. They have said for me to ring back on Monday morning which I will try to do. Thing is Im doing overtime for my regular job and working Monday morning this week aswell, so will have to try and fit that in somewhere. In fact , I have a really busy week this week. Working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday its my mums birthday and would like to take her for lunch that day... so by the end of the week I will be shattered.....and half term starts Friday too so the kids will be off for another week....bloody teacher training days...what the hell ? If they are not trained, why are they doing the job in the first place !! And , how many training days do they need for heaven least 8 a year....why cant they be done in half term.....??!!! Grrr rant over !! lol... Where the hell did that half term go anyway !! Perhaps I should have applied for a job as a teacher....mmmm.... :O/ .... maybe not !! I know all you teachers out there do a great job and I for one know I couldnt do it !! ;o) ....
Anyway changing the subject... to all of you guys out there on 19 points or less, please tell me how you do it !! Im struggling big time to stay within 19 points. Each day I seem to go over by about 3 or 4 and this all adds up. Strange, because when I was on 20 points, it didn't seem to bad. Maybe I need to review what Im eating.... perhaps the walkers crisps, and mayonnaise are going to either have to go, or be reviewed...mmmm.... I suppose one dollop of full fat mayo (2 pts) and 1 packet of walkers cheese and onion (2 pts) is 4 points wasted.... :o/ .... need to have a look at this me thinks..... dont want to give up my only luxuries .. *sob* *sob* ... :O( ........
WALKERS CRISPS/ MAYONNAISE ... OR ...... INTO THE 11 'S ??? = into the 11's :O) x x

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  1. The 11s... go for the 11s..!

    So, did you get the job?