Wednesday, 28 October 2009

pumpkins, outfits.... and darts !x

Ok so its half term this week, and of course halloween on the weekend, so my youngest daughter wanted to get a pumpkin . We went and got one on Monday, and spent the afternoon creating our masterpiece !!! And here he is..........
Looks pretty good if I do say so. Shannon my youngest did most of the work, but being a very clumsy 10 year old, I supervised whilst she had the kitchen knife in her hand :O/ .......
Anyway, what do you guys have planned for halloween ? I have been invited out with Maggie the landlady from our local, and a whole group of others to go to a halloween type party at a pub. Here is a link to my costume .........
I wish it would look that good on me !!! I will keep you posted about the nights events .. lol !!
Also out tomorrow night. Ive been asked to play darts for the pub ..... eeeeeekkkk.... Im really not very good, but Im sure it will be a giggle. No pressure.....its a knockout match in the womens dart league.... :O/ .... I dont hold out much hope !!

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  1. Of course you'll look as good in the outfit, if not better!! :o) It's rather sassey. I like it.
    Have fun at darts. See you Friday hunny xx