Friday, 16 October 2009

weigh in ......and photo shoot..

Hi all....

Sorry I haven't blogged at all this week. Had a busy, but good week, so feeling good right now.
Firstly we had our wonderful photo shoot on Monday at New ID in London. It was a great, but an eventful day, in more ways than one !! lol ... can't wait to get the piccys. Have seen them on the New Id computer, but as we did not give in and pay for the copyright cd of the pics..(A another £600 flipping pounds !!)... we now have to wait for the few we did choose to arrive. As it was, we had already laid out £300 between us, I really dont think we need pictures of ourselves that badly to cough up nearly a thousand. So we were good and stuck to our money. Having said that, the pictures of my daughter (which we viewed on the computer) were stunning, absolutely stunning (the photographer made it blooming obvious he fancied her), but who can blame him, she looked amazing. Will pop piccys on here when I get them. The piccys which we viewed of me, are ok, one in particular is really nice, but Im not a great fan of piccys of myself, I always find too many
The day started bright and early catching the coach in Newmarket at 8.35. We were dropped off there at 7.30 by hubby on his way to work, otherwise we would of had to get a taxi, and that would have cost a fortune. Got to London, which was fine. Had an hour and a half to kill before our appointment at New Id, so popped into a London restaurant/pub for lunch. We both had chicken breasts with bacon and cheese and BBQ sauce served with chips and salad. I scraped every bit of cheese off, so halo polish there, however, did devour the chips with no problem !! Whilst eating our lunch, I needed a trip to the loo. When I got back there was a man sitting on his own, next to our table, who happened to be talking to my daughter. She started pulling weird faces at me when he wasnt looking and I could soon see why. I arrived at the table, and he started speaking to me.... he was an Irish Gay man who happened to be deaf !! He was so Gay bless him. I have no problem with that whatsoever, but the things he was telling us, I would of had a job telling my best friend !! He told us about being paid to have sex, once he got £400 from a man in a Brighton hotel for one night, and that he dresses up as a woman, that he would give the poor old man on another table near us who happened to look like father christmas a w--k for £25 .... and it just went on an on !! We were so trying not to laugh, nearly peeing ourselves, because of the way he spoke, .... luckily we each escaped with a kiss on the cheek and a nice to meet you...... we absolutely cracked up when we left the restaurant !
We then went to New Id, a bit of waiting around which was ok, but my daughter started to feel poorly. Really bad headache and achey all over. She nearly didnt do the photo shoot bless her, but I kept on persuading her that it would only be another hour or so and then we would be on our way home. So she did the shoot and looked stunning...wish I looked like that now, let alone when ill !!
Anyway, the salesman at new id kept us in his room for nearly an hour until he finally realised we were not budging from our original money laid down. He was not impressed. I kept saying we really had to go, we had a coach to get at 6.30 from Victoria coach station, and we were still in New ID, near Oxford street at 6.10 !!! We signed the papers and legged it jumping into a taxi saying we had to be at Victoria by 6.30...that poor taxi man tried bless him to put his foot down, as much as you can in a London rush hour....poor thing.... we got held up by every blooming red traffic light, but eventually arrived . Kirsty ran for the coach which was about to leave without us, while I tried running with 3 huge bags of clothes and shoes, (which was a sight Im sure !) , climbed aboard the coach, red faced, and apologetic for making people wait for us. They were lovely though, all chuckled when I clambered up the steps.... so glad Im thinner now, or I would have been well embarrassed doing that in front of everyone ..... !!
Anyway, we enjoyed our day, are now anxiously awaiting our piccys which could take a few weeks, hope they hurry up !!

And last, but not least ...... I gained a blooming pound this week.... back to 12 st 5 lbs .... dont know how, lack of water I think, but hey..... another week ahead. Going to get my serious head on this week. I want to get into those pesky 11's by either my birthday or Christmas.... Ive been messing around in the 12's now for a long time......

Hope you are all well. I will try and get around to your blogs you lovely people and Aguilleg, I am definately going to try and get round to emailing you this weekend. Thank you and Im sorry its taking so long !!

Love and hugs to you all ..... x x x x x

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  1. lol at the irish gay man, i always feel really uncomfortable in those situations lol.

    eep at £600!! good for you sticking to your guns.

    and dont sweat the pound, these things happen xx

  2. Can't wait to see the piccys Tina, I bet you look lovely. Sounds like a fab and eventful day!

  3. Sounds like a bit of a con, that company trying to get you to part with all that extra money.

    That Irish dude sounds like he could have come from Dundee, in fact I am sure I have met him, lol!

    That 1lb will come back off again next week, hopefully taking a few of his buddies with him. Hurry up and get into the 11stone range!

  4. Sounds like quite an adventure:)

    I look forward to seeing you pictures.
    Thats a lorra lorra money they tried to wrestle from you, good for you sticking to your guns.



  5. It sounds like you had quite an eventful time in London. And a deaf gay man...... how funny. LOL. That 1lb will be off next week.
    Must catch up soon luvvy xxx