Monday, 20 July 2009


Well Monday is here again !! The weeks are flying past !! Ive finally recovered from my boozey Friday night out, but I suffered badly Saturday and Sunday had no energy, so literally spent all weekend indoors at the computer. I so badly need a laptop, Im now having to jump on here between the kids having their turn, but just cant afford one at the moment. Today I'm sneezing like crazy !! AAAaarrrrgggghhhh swine flu I hear you shout ...... don't think you can catch it through the computer so don't worry I think your safe .. lol !! Not sure if it is gonna turn into a flu or what.... will have to watch this space. But as for today, the kids have started their summer hols, they are in bed as I type, and I have work this afternoon. They are going to go swimming to keep themselves occupied today...if they ever get up !!

Feeling great since reaching the 12's, a SP this morning still showing 12st 13lb which is fantastic !! Didn't gain anything from my naughty Friday night which I worked out I went over points by 19 !! I had a total of 39 on Friday !! Just jumped straight back on the wagon again on Saturday...... so starting the week feeling happy with life..... long may it continue :O)
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