Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Having a bleuurrrgggghhhhh day....

Why is it some days you wake up full of beans with a spring in your step, and other days, like today, you haven't got any energy, feel really fat and just want to go back to bed for the day !! Well thats how I have felt today !! Only had 16 of my 20 points, but feel so bloated and fat...gggrrrrr..... hate feeling like this !! Hope I feel livlier and happier tomorrow.

Sorry for the negative post ... but thats what I like about blogging....you can just let it all out and your lovely followers just let you get on with it..... thanks guys xx

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  1. don't sweat it, we all go through ups and downs, luv reading your blogs


  2. Thanks Phil...hope your getting on ok x