Saturday, 11 July 2009

Friday 10th July....weigh in.....

OMG........ just needed another half a blooming pound to get into the 12's !!!

Don't get me wrong, Im well pleased with the 2 lbs that I managed to lose this week, but I'm so desperate to get into those 12's...... it will just have to wait until next week !! If I manage a pound off next week I will have reached my 5 stone off since September aswell so a big day for me next Friday....Im sure some of you may even hear me yell from the roof-tops either a good or bad hopefully a good one !! I did manage to find this graph , although Im not 5ft 7 (I wish)... at my best 5ft 2 and a can see Im still in the FAT catagory....gggrrr....hopefully not for much longer.

Its been a funny old week really. Although I have been sat at this computer for so many hours, I havent had much to say!! Thats a first !! I love reading all your blogs, and some of you are just doing soooooo well. Well done everyone. Your blogs inspire me. Just sometimes Im a listener instead of a talker... (try telling my hubby ).

The week ended on a high with my daughters Sophie and Shannon (13 and 10), appearing in productions at their schools Thursday and Friday night. Didnt get home til 9.30 on both occasions and wow they were all fantastic. Many , many hours worth of hard work paid off. It was brill, so well done to my girls and both of those schools.

I don't have any plans for this weekend. Money is tight at the moment. If money was no object, I would just love a night out every weekend and be able to spend money on some more new clothes, but alas I cant right now....ggrrrr.... so tonight my girls will go to their dads for the night, and Dave and I will probably just watch tv or play cards..... would much rather be out :O(

Anyway you lovely bloggers...enjoy your weekend, be careful with your points, and tell us all about it, good or bad !! TTFN xxxx

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  1. You just inspired me to go and check my own BMI and look at the height weight charts, which I haven't done in ages. A nice uplift, so thank you! :o)

    Good luck with getting that 1lb off next week - to have lost 5 stone is wonderful, and I'm sure you'll feel amazing. I'll listen out for the yells!

  2. look at you hun that graph has to be wrong ur no way known as "fat" you look fab especially in that dress i have would have said overweight and not buy a lt either!!!

    keep the good work up hun!! i,m also a blog addict :)