Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lovely night out ... :O)

Well the long awaited night out came last night, and oh what a lovely night it was. From my earlier posts of the last week or so you will know that I have been whinging about not going out, so dear hubby, in celebration of my 5 stone loss yesterday, decided to take me out....

Firstly I had a lovely bath, washed my hair, done my make-up, and agonised over what to wear. After trying on about 10 different outfits, I opted for a pair of jeans with little diamonds on them, and a leopard print top which I adore !! We weren't going anywhere posh, so I knew I could dress down, but I still felt good in what I was wearing, and hubby said I looked gorgeous, so that was a good start !!

Went to a lovely pub called "The Cock" in a village about 10 minutes away from us. A lovely old country pub with old beams .... I love that oldie-woldie feel.... I really felt comfortable in the clothes I had chosen, as there were other people there in similar, so I didn't feel out of place.

For our meal, I opted for chicken spring rolls for starters with a sweet chilli dip. Delicious !! They were quite small, so don't think too much damage there and they were served with a side salad. Hubby had cauliflower and spicey mustard soup, and I asked to try some, and that too was lovely. Might try and make some of that myself !!

My main meal was beef medallions served on a caramalised onion mash .... Im dribbling now just thinking of it.....!! Absolutely gorgeous !! This was served with cauliflower, carrots, broccolli and swede....and a pepper sauce......scrummy!! Hubby had home made lasagne and chips . Of course I had to pinch a chip !! 4 vodkas and diet cokes later we left to go to another pub where we know the landlady and landlord very well.....

We had a lovely game or 3 of darts, had more vodkas and diet cokes, and was singing on the karaoke until 1.30 am !!!!!!! Yes I said 1.30 am !! I dont remember much after this. Apparently hubby has told me that I insisted on looking at my blog at two o clock this morning, and I actually fell asleep at the computer desk !!!! I think I had one too many vodkas and believe me, I am suffering for it now!!! But what a lovely night x
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