Thursday, 23 July 2009

weigh in day is looming.....

Well after making it into the 12's last week, of which I am still over the moon about, weigh-in day is looming again tomorrow..... eeeeek..... this to me is crunch time !! IF I have put on, then I will have to say bye bye to the 12's again (sob sob), but if I manage a STS or a loss, this will assure me that I am well and truly into the 12's. I always find that getting into the next stone bracket down is sooooooooo hard, but confirming it the following week is sometimes even harder. I never quite believe Im in the next stoneage, until that confirmation comes the week after, does that make sense ?
So although nervous about tomorrow, a little sp this morning said a STS, so Im slightly optimistic to still be in the 12's, but having said that... TOTM is due anytime, in fact a little late this month :O/............... so anything is possible. So watch this space..........

I also forgot to mention I did get off my big behind and did a 45 minute walk on Tuesday night with the kids and the dog. Nearly killed the poor dog at that pace, but at least I finally got my butt moving !!!!

Also blood tests back this week, and all ok..... so nothing to worry about thank goodness. Still don't feel full of life, and lack a bit of zing at the moment, but maybe if I could have a good nights sleep for a change, then perhaps that would help.

Ok my lovely followers.... seem to have lost all your lovely little faces on my blog at the moment, but think its a problem a lot of people are having . Good luck with any pending weigh-ins, and I will let you know my result tomorrow .

Bye for now xxxx

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