Monday, 13 July 2009

My get up and go has got up and went !!!

What has happened to me? My get up and go has got up and went, and I just can't seem to find it !!

I have been feeling irritable, grouchy and tearful this last week. I have not exercised now in a couple of weeks, and I just cannot understand it. A month or so ago I was doing regular 3 mile walks, and working out on the Wii fit and loving it, but lately..... NOTHING !! Although my body will not spring into action, no matter how much I tell myself I should be exercising, I dont seem to have lost control with the food. Im a saint where it comes to the food, halo is well and truly shining there, but how on earth am I going to force myself into activity ? Any ideas would be greatly welcome !!

The emotional side of things, I am putting down to hormones, no money and a severe lack of decent social life and good friends. Friends seem to say one thing and do another, and to be honest I have decided I need to look to find new friends. Maybe I will try and look for some bar work and kill two birds with one stone... eg socialising and earning more money !!

Well Ive had a little peek at the scales this morning and its telling me 2lb on... ho hum.... I really dont deserve that , but Friday is a long way off for official weigh in hopefully by then I may have forced my lazy @rse into gear and have done some exercise.....stern talking to oneself I feel........ TINA ... GET YOUR FAT BUM INTO GEAR IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO THE 12'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good week everyone x

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  1. I know how you feel Tina, I have been the same with exercise recently, can't seem to muster up the motivation n then I feel guilty n annoyed at myself for being a lazy cow! Maybe this week will be different!
    Bar job sounds good, Ive done the odd bar jobs over the years n really enjoyed that, it does get you out n about n the tips are usually good. Heres to a better week!

  2. thanks for that Lorr...its nice to know Im not alone on the exercise problem !!!
    If I could get my fat bum off this computer chair for 5 minutes , Im sure that would help ... lol x

  3. I think the fact the weather has cooled down might to be blame for my lac of Exercise...and wish i could borrow your halo when it comes to food...i just haven't been able to pull back this past week :-(...oh and is the application for new friends still open, i want to apply hehehe ♥

  4. Hi Tina
    Just picked up the details of your blog from the WW website and I can't believe the difference in your before and after pics - You look really beautiful and I guess like me you've been used to the "you have a lovely face" comments. However even if you are stuck on motivation you mustn't give up because you really deserve to be the slim you that you have been working so hard to achieve. I think you have to refocus and look at where you want to go to. Just think at how amazing it's going to be for you when you get to goal and you can pick up any pair of jeans and they'll fit you amazingly!
    anyhow I'm starting my journey at 19stone and can't believe I got this big but I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to the rest of us - so keep going!

  5. Awww what lovely comments. Thank you. It means a lot to me.
    Mags, thank you. Your so kind. Good luck on your ww journey. If I can do it, anyone can believe me. Your right about refocussing. I have done now, and have got my bum into gear a little more than it was. Im feeling so good already in size 14 jeans, and I know I will feel fantastic when its a size 12 Im wearing !!
    Good luck again, and by the way... the bagels look delicious !!!! :O) xx