Friday, 31 July 2009

OH YES !!..............

YAY !! I'm over the moon. The peeing has helped !! Up twice in the night, and squeezed another 2 out before I stepped on the scales .... and although I havent lost anything, I have STS !!!!!!! Im so happy. After my sp's of earlier in the week, I thought I was in for disaster, but after yesterdays peeing (sorry about all this peeing talk, but hey it really works !!) the last of the monthlys disappearing, Ive ended up a happy bunny. Of course I would of loved to of had a loss, but we can't have everything. So Im happy with my sts ... :O) although thats 3 weigh ins now at 12st 13lb ... ggrrrrr ...hopefully a loss next week ...

On an even nicer note.... I have the most gorgeous boiler man servicing my parts as I write this.... mmmmmmmmmmm ... nice !! x

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  1. Congratulations on the sts, I am sure you are chuffed.

    Also I had a bit of a chuckle about the boiler man!!

  2. Hey, Well done hun, im pretty sure you will get the loss you want next week. Anyways, see if the boiler man can turn up your heat and get you sweating ;) lol.

  3. lol! have fun with the boiler man ;-)
    btw, you look amazing! well done on the loss so far!

  4. Gosh, my parts need servicing too; could you send him on to me? LOL

    Fingers crossed that the scales will start to go down again next week. Keep on peeing!

  5. OOOhhhh yes... having hot flushes today!!! Im sure my tasty boiler man was letting his boxer shorts show on purpose !!! I think I need to sit down.. lol !! I will send him over to you guys when Ive finished with him... ;o) ... wont be much left though I can tell you !!! I wonder how many points in a boiler man !!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  6. Thanks guys for your lovely comments xxx