Friday, 3 July 2009

Weigh in day.....and the best week of NSV's

Hiya all ok ?
Do you know what... I think since I started ww back in September 08, this week has been the best week by far. Its been a week of NSV's and has made me smile sooooooo much.
First there was getting into a size 14 !!!!! Its official !!! I have bought a black skirt, a pair of black trousers and those jeans I saw in Select....all in a size 14 !!!!!!! My lovely mum gave me the money bless her !! WOW !! Do you know how good that makes me feel ? Still a 16 up top half, but so happy to be in a 14 from tummy down. It must be pshycological or something...cos thats the last time I remember being happy, really happy :O)
Also the fabbest NSV of all was the look on an ex's face when I saw him in the supermarket as I told you earlier in the week !! That look said it all. He looked like his jaw was going to hit the floor when he saw me !! I cannot even begin to tell you how good that felt.... the very next day...coincidence or what... his daughter is now trying to add me as a friend on facebook !! Think someone has said something to her... hahahah !!
Also another good nsv this week...taking a photograph and actually liking it !! its the one on the right titled July 09..... I usually hate piccys of myself, but this one shows only one chin and sparkly eyes... instead of the bloated 3 chins that I once had !!
And last...but not least my weigh in......wait for it.....another 2lbs off !!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE !!!!! Thats now 67lbs gone !!! Im now 13st 2lb..... !! Im so happy I could burst.....imagine how im gonna feel when I get into the 12's hopefully in the next week or two....I will be bouncing off the walls :O)
Well I'm off now to get my lunch. Hope you are all having a fabby week too and thank you to the lovely people leaving comments on my makes this journey so much nicer when people understand where your coming from.... for that I thank you xxx

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  1. Awwwwww you can feel the exitment in your pleased you feel happy, hope that Happy day come for me soon...altho it did a little on my weigh in day because the scales said 15 stone 13lbs and i havent been in the 15 weigh since i was 17 ....Ha take that ex boyfriend....oh i can imagine that feeling being sweet....well done Tina...

  2. Oh can i ask what NVS means? ive seen it around a bit since jining the WW boards and dont get what it stands for.?

  3. Are you on Face Book? i tried to look for you but had no joy....add me but only if you want to of course. Kellie Fox if you cant find me with that then

  4. thats fantatsic hun!!! so proud of ya and u look gorgeous in that black dress!!!!

    heres to another good week :)