Friday, 18 September 2009

ggggrrrrrrr........... :o(

I gained 2lb !!!!!!! Really pipped off with that. Ok, yes I have my TOTM which started on Wednesday, but usually I only gain a pound, but this time 2 lb !!! GGGGrrrrrrr :O(

Back to 12 st 7 lb :O( x

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  1. Grrrrr! Must be a stonker of a TOTM, you will show a great loss next week, though!

  2. Aww Tina, it's just a tiny pebble in your shoe on the road to goal. Take your shoe off, shake it out and carry on.

    You have dione wonderfully so far. We started at the same weight and i look at you and see what i can achieve by this time next year.

    The best of luck this week honey!

    Mandy xxx

  3. I'm sorry about your gain...dang that TOTM!

  4. hey at least its for a reason. dont worry about it.

    (and it seems everyone is having TOTM at the mo??)

  5. As my mate Nikki says "Don't worry it just one good trip to the Loo" sure you'll lose it next week

  6. Thanks guys. Your all right I know. It WILL be gone next week !! Watch this space !!x

  7. Hey Tina, I need to ask you a massive favour. Myself and my partner Robert have entered a competition to win a trip to Thailand to help them with their tourism growth. We had to submit a 1 minute video about ourselves. Our video has been viewed around 600 times but some people who have not been on for as long have had around 10000 hits, i see cheating is obviously on their agendas, the first stage is supposed to be based on what the judges think of you but i suspect it has to do with how many views you get. So i am asking you since you have a large followers base if you would be willing to write a wee blog to your followers and ask them to follow the link at the bottom and view the video of myself and Robert, feel free to view it as many times as you want as it increases the viewage, i have noticed you only need to watch the first couple of seconds and then you change page and go back and woola another 1 view :) Cheating? maybe, but it seems thats what everyone else is doing. I know that your friends and families don't know me and Robert but it would be totally appreciated.

    Thank You In Advance.

    Caley & Robert