Friday, 11 September 2009

1st year anniversary and weigh in result....

I have only just realised that today is my 52nd week with ww and my first year anniversary !!! Yay !!!! Can't believe its been a year goodness !! Where did that year go ? What better way to celebrate than with another 2lb loss today at weigh in !! How I managed that I dont know after last I greatfully accept it with both hands...!! Now 12st 5lb !!!!

This time last year I was depressed, had no energy, and longing to lose weight. I could only manage 13lbs on my own from January to September and I knew it should come off quicker than I joined ww on September 15th 2008.......what a difference a year makes !!!!!! Today I have more confidence, I have bags more energy, Im so happy, and to be able to shop in any shop I choose now is wonderful, and I feel soooooo much better......

Ok so what have I managed to lose since last September '08...... 78lbs or 5st 8 lbs

But the grand total since January '08....... 91 lbs !! 6st 7 lbs

I have gone from a size 22/24 ..... and the black top I am wearing in the picture above is a size 12 and today Im wearing a size 12 pair of black trousers..... GO ME !!! :O))))

Im so happy with that.... I feel like a different person and hopefully look like a different one too !!!

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  1. Well done - what a fantastic achievement Tina you are doing great!!

  2. Wow Tina that's just brilliant. I'm so happy for you hunny. I should think all that drooling you done at the weekend helped to shift those 2lbs haha.
    Comparing the 2 pictures above you don't even look like the same person. You look completly different.What you've achieved in a year is bloody fantastic!
    I'm 8 months in to my trek with WW and I'm going to be where you are now in 4 months. That's my aim. :o)
    As for now wearing a pair of size 12 trousers, did you have to pinch yourself when you first slipped them on? What a fantastic feeling that must of been.

    You're an inspiration darlin xx

    See you next Friday. Really looking forward to it xx

  3. Well Done YOu !!!

    That is Amazing, you look completly different and sooooooo Young!!!

    Size 12 is fantastic, not that I will get there, but I am delighted for you.

    You are a lovely girl.



  4. holy cow, wow, near 100lb!!!?? that is a-fricking-mazing!!! happy anniversary

  5. Wow Tina, that is absolutely amazing! You should be so proud of yourself, and all of us in Blogland are very proud of you too. What an inspiration you are!

  6. Congrats tina, you are inspiring, the beofre n after pics are unbelieveable, well done you!! Have a good weekend xx

  7. Wow! Just wow! And wow again! Happy anniversary. :D

  8. Woohoo!

    You've done fantastically well and you most definitely look like a different person.


  9. Well done on your absolutely AMAZING transformaton, Tina. X X X

  10. Tina, Tina, Tina!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! Awesome!! What a difference a year makes! So very, very proud of you and pleased to be following your blog to comment! I'm dumbstruck at your achievement, 6.5 stone and you look absolutely fantastic!!!

    I've updated my blog with photo's of me at my original weight (goal weight) and printed them to stick on the fridge! If I can do HALF of what you've done, I'll have achieved!!!

    Thanks for your honesty, support and love!!

    Tina is the best!!

    Love, Weeza xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. OMG !!! You lot have had me in tears !! What a fantastic bunch you all are. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You all help to keep me on track with your words of encouragement and you are all so inspiring yourselves.....thank you so much. I really couldnt do it without you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx :O)))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Happy anniversary Tina and CONGRATS on all that you have accomplished. You do look like a totally new person, and I bet you are totally new on the inside too.

    Thanks for the inspiration,weight loss and getting healthy is so hard but seeing what can be done by working hard gives me renewed hope that one day I CAN be where you are now.

    Enjoy your day Tina